birthday boy bento

14 11 2009

bento 40

today is my boyfriend’s birthday, so last night i made a birthday dinner bento, which was waiting for him when he got home from work.

i have to give a huge shout out to hippomum and shoppingmum, both of whose bentos gave me great ideas for this one.

from the left: sesame-sauteed broccoli (the only way i can get this guy to eat veggies is if they are salty and fatty!) with hand-cut carrot stars, topped with a quail egg (the music note is green soy paper), two grape tomatoes with leaf picks, a “birthday cake onigiri” (two round onigiri flattened into discs, the bottom layer is topped with a tiny circle egg sheet, the top layer has a little scalloped cheese disc and veggie salami petal shapes), beef katsu with cheese letters, purple potato “presents” (egg sheet “ribbons”), and pea pod leaves to fill in the rest of the space.



10 responses

14 11 2009
Lia Chen

Happy Birthday for your son! … Pretty bento, love all the details there (^.^)

14 11 2009

Happy Birthday to gamene’s boyfriend!

Super cute bento box.

14 11 2009

thanks lia and hapa, i will pass along your birthday wishes 🙂

14 11 2009
Lia Chen

ups sorry … I mean your boyfriend hehehe :o) forgive me Megan for the mistake.

14 11 2009

no worries lia, even though he’s 35 sometimes i feel like i have to act like his mommy, so same difference, haha!

15 11 2009

Happy birthday! Hope he could enjoy this beautiful meal! ^-^

16 11 2009

thanks lil’chan, he scarfed it down, so i think he liked it just fine!

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