kreativ blogger award

20 11 2009

lia over at my bentolicious, a super cute bento blog i visit frequently, has graciously nominated me for a KREATIV BLOGGER award!!

the rules are that i get to post seven interesting factoids, and then nominate seven other bloggers.  in my seven things, i’m going to try to include a few things about me you might not have guessed about someone who decorates her soy chicken nuggets with little bear faces!  so, away we go —

  1. my dad and i (i’m totally a daddy’s girl) are re-building a 1974 honda cb450 — it’s a small-ish motorcycle, and we’ve already re-built the engine and most of the exhaust system.  i got my motorcycle license last fall in anticipation of finishing this thing and getting my “zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance” on, but it’s a loooooong project and parts are hard to find!
  2. i love getting tattoos!  i have at least seven of them, and i often get them when i travel, as a sort of souvenir of the trip.  (my largest tattoo is a huge piece i got from renowned tattooist john long in shanghai — it’s some peonies, which i’m told is china’s national flower.)
  3. i am a high orange belt in the korean martial art hapkido. it’s very difficult to find time to train in my busy work schedule, but my friend tommie tries to keep me motivated to hit the dojang.
  4. this year my boyfriend got me really into two sports i would never have otherwise been excited about — baseball (our team is the san francisco giants) and formula 1 racing (i root for mercedes mcclaren because, well, lewis hamilton is not bad on the eyes!).
  5. i am a virgo, and while i don’t necessarily subscribe completely to the idea of horoscopes or anything, i can tell you that i exhibit all the classic attributes of virgos — most of all, i am a huge perfectionist, and am extremely detail-oriented.
  6. this one will not be a surprise to those of you who have been reading the ingredients in my bentos — i LOVE anything pickled.  for years when anyone asked me my favorite food i would say pickled ginger (usually the response was “that’s not a food, it’s a condiment”), but in the past few years i have expanded to takuwan, all kinds of kimchi, etc.  if it’s pickled, i will eat it!
  7. for years and years, i was a vegetarian.  at the end of  college, i started to eat fish, and in the past few years, i have occasionally even eaten chicken and beef.  (i can’t eat pork or shellfish products, because they are not kosher.)  i recently began reading the book eating animals by jonathan safran foer, and it is inspiring me to reconsider my dietary choices yet again.

— ♥ —

well, that’s me…  any surprises?  this is such a fun way for us to learn a little bit about each other besides what we put in our bentos!

picking seven other blogs to nominate is tough, but after some thinking, here is my list:

1. jenn at bentobird; 2. ceinwyn at bento bliss; 3. maki at lucky sundae; 4. lil’chan at lily’s kleiner bentoservice; 5. judy at judy’s notebook; 6. MandLmom at pigs do fly; 7. my mealbox

can’t wait to see what these bento friends say about themselves!

ok, now i’m really off to california… happy bentoing for the next week, and see you when i return!



6 responses

20 11 2009

Wah! Congratulation on your Award! ^-^ And thank’s for nominating me 😉
Hope you can enjoy your holidays 😀

20 11 2009

Hi there gamene!
Have a great trip to California, congrats on your well-deserved award and thanks for your kind nomination!
Best wishes!
Jenn/Bnetobird 🙂

21 11 2009
Lia Chen

Tattoos … Wow!! I always want to have at least one but my friends always said that it’s very hurt to get tattoos, so sometimes I just have the non-permanent one :p

25 11 2009

Tattoos!!! I love tattoos, although I don’t have any myself. But I do design them for friends and family who like my art vibe. I like to draw on people. 🙂 If I wasn’t doing what I do now, I’d be a tattoo artist. Congratulations!

26 11 2009

hey lil’chan, bentobird, lia, and hapabento — hope you are all having a wonderful holiday! lia, tattoos DO hurt, a LOT, so the non-permanent ones are a fun alternative! and hapa, that’s so cool that you design them for friends… i have done that too 🙂

26 11 2009

Congratulations on the award. I hadn’t thanked you for nominating me yet neither, sorry about that. I just posted my “interesting” facts but still have to add the nominees. It’s hard to find some blogs which haven’t been nominated before :o)

Interesting things about you. I love tatoos (& watching Miami & LA Ink too) but am way too chicken to actually have one myself (very low pain threshold as well). They do look great on others though :o)
Like you I am a virgo and although I don’t believe in astrology, I have a lot of the virgo characteristics too. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
And I will go to sleep a bit smarter today than when I got up because I learned something about an unknown martial art. Thanks to the wonders of internet, I’ll end up a trivial pursuit buff ;o)


Ingrid / Ceinwyn

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