“brothers and sister” bento

1 12 2009

the top tier of this bento got a little cluttered, as i didn’t sketch in advance.  all i knew was that i wanted to use this new onigiri mold from daiso (makes three mini face-shaped onigiri), and then i kept adding more and more random stuff from the fridge and all of a sudden it was crazy.  oh well, at least i wasn’t drunk this time, haha!

top tier has two brothers and a sister (plain brown rice, too small for filling, nori hair and sesame eyes, cheese bow on the sister’s hair) sitting on top of some spicy korean tofu that’s completely hidden, and, clockwise from top left:  yellow cauliflower with cheese and veggie pepperoni flower, carrot sticks and baby orange tomato, red tomato half, tamagoyaki slices, and two edamame skewers on top of fried veggie dumplings (ajinomoto brand), and more carrot sticks (plus one more red baby tomato half to prop up brother #2’s chin!).

simple dessert tier has:  pomegranate seeds in a heart food cup from daiso, chocolate-covered almonds in a square food cup from daiso, asian pear fan, starfruit slices, kumquat slices and a cherry.

i’m really enjoying all of my new picks and cups from my trip to the west coast — this bento is a daiso bonanza!



6 responses

1 12 2009

Delightful! And so cute with the tiny hearts background!

1 12 2009
Lia Chen

Nice nori cutting for brothers and sister … and you didn’t forget to put small bow too. What did you put in the middle of tamagoyaki Megan?

1 12 2009

thanks sheri and lia!!

sheri, glad you like the paper, i think it’s supercute, the company that makes it is sassafrass (“life is beautiful” reversible design) and i got it online from blackberry paper.

lia, it’s just nori in the middle of my tamagoyaki, plus some chopped veggies in the egg mixture. the sister’s bow is from one of my new cutting sets from ichiban kan 🙂

2 12 2009

It looks beautiful. I like the siblings. So tiny, so cute! Never thought you can put so much in only one tier of this box ^-^

2 12 2009

A bento happily crowded with the beta-carotene family–love it!

3 12 2009

thanks lil’chan and bentobird… you both found such sweet ways to look at the overcrowding 😉

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