working late (again) bento

2 12 2009

working late again, getting two motions out the door on two different cases – yikes.

turned to my old stand-by for late nights: vietnamese or thai food, and my box from hapa bento.  this combination always lets me throw things together at the last minute and still have it come out looking nice!

top left:  bean sprouts in a food cup topped with two purple carrot flowers, with four tamagoyaki slices and two halves of a baby roma tomato.  top right:  two asian pear fans, with a food cup of pomegranate seeds, kumquats on a pick, and some cherries (with their real stems left on, for once!).  bottom right:  fried rice with mint leaves and a flower-shaped container of soy sauce for some extra salt (it was kinda bland this time).  bottom left:  sauteed black mushroom with carrot and green onion accents.



7 responses

3 12 2009

Ooh, lots of little treats in this one! You’re getting good with the “odds & ends” bento.. making it look like a delightfully tasty variety pack! This one will bring a smile at work tomorrow 🙂

3 12 2009
Lia Chen

Delightful bento for lunch Megan … 😉

3 12 2009

Even your work late bentos look better than mine! Oh what do I say, they look beautiful 😉 I’m jealos of your great yellow red carrots! They make perfect flowers. Everything looks soooo delicious! And you have fresh cherrys! ~.~ I want them tooo~
Well, must wait to summer, hehe ^-^

3 12 2009

Those musical symbols are so appropos for the jazzy, buzzing combinations of intense colors and contrasting textures in your bentos…fun and fabulous, and most impressive for a late-night effort!

3 12 2009

thanks very much sheri, lia, lil’chan and jenn! i must admit, it was a yummy lunch, though a quick one (work was very busy again today!)…

21 06 2012
vietnamese (again) bento | Bento Boxes

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28 09 2013
Nice Asian Food photos | 1MSIA MARKET PLACE

[…] vietnamese (again) bento Image by gamene can you guess from the box and the cuisine what i did tonight? THAT'S RIGHT folks, working late again! this wonderful box from hapa bento, in combination with thai or vietnamese food, always comes together at the last minute for me when i'm tired, though, and for that i am so grateful. more details at bento zen… […]

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