twin flower onigiri bento

3 12 2009

a quick bento tonight with leftovers from the fridge.  the stars of the box: twin brown rice onigiri, filled with pickled garlic (sooo yummy, breath be damned!), wrapped with strips of nori, and topped with a takuwan-carrot-purple carrot blossom each.  they’re sitting in my pretty “lace” food cups from ichiban kan.

top left corner: cherries, pom seeds, and slices of starfruit.  bottom right corner:  slices of lotus root, the last of my shimeji mushrooms, and snow peas.  center:  lettuce-wrapped spicy korean tofu.

like the doily and chopsticks?  i’m really feeling pikko’s prop styling lately…



5 responses

3 12 2009

Makes me want to sing. lalalalalala!

4 12 2009
Lia Chen

3 layer flowers just pop up like 3D, very nice Megan! Great bento and great pictures also … love the composition :o)

4 12 2009

I’m feeling the prop thing too! I likes it. I must remember some props. But first… props to you for another great looking bento.

4 12 2009

This one looks really lovely ^-^ I like how the twin balls look, especially with the flowers 😉 And how nicely the tofu is wrapped in lettuce. I’m often to shy to use lettuce. But your’s looks great 🐱

4 12 2009

Oohh! Delightfully pretty, in subtle deep tones…

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