flirty empanada bento

6 12 2009

the boyfriend was sick all day today, so i picked up a quick dinner from ruben’s empanadas to cheer him up — breakfast for dinner always does it! he had sausage and egg, but this leftover for tomorrow’s lunch has a spinach filling.

her eyes are cheese and nori, her mouth is nori, and her hair bow is a pasta bowtie.  she’s surrounded by — clockwise from top right — purple carrot sticks, a starfruit slice, pomegranate seeds in a food cup, half of a deviled egg, snow pea pods, an orange-and-red grape tomato skewer and an olive skewer, some nashi slices and a few more pea pods.

[as seen on “cute food – the adorable, edible art of kawaii cooking”]



7 responses

6 12 2009

Love her, she’s a doll!

7 12 2009

I like her little nose. uue uu!

7 12 2009

She is really cute! Love how she looks ^-^ Really yummy looking bento!

7 12 2009
Lia Chen

OOooo she’s cutie … can she winks at me? hahaha …

7 12 2009

Coy and flirty…and so cute! The bow tie pasta/heart detail is awesome and may I say, I LOVE empanadas!

7 12 2009

thanks to all of you, sheri, judy, lil’chan, lia and jenn! lia she is definitely winking at YOU! and jenn, i share your love of these tasty pockets of goodness!

26 06 2012
flirty empanada bento | Bento Boxes

[…] tee hee, this spinach empanada is batting her eyelashes at you! more details on bento zen. […]

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