grand sichuan bento

9 12 2009

no surprise with this week’s crazy work schedule that last night’s dinner was takeout, again.  this time we ordered from grand sichuan – the best chinese food we’ve found so far in NYC, not having any chinese-speaking friends who are willing to show us the secrets of an otherwise pretty-touristy chinatown.

in the main tier: ma po tofu with scallion garnish, orange and yellow carrot sticks, broccoli with sesame seeds, cold sesame noodles with kumquat slices garnish, skewered broad beans, and two strawberries (i cut their tops off, put the cut ends together, and then skewered them).

in the top tier: white rice with a slice of soy-boiled egg, slices of orange grape tomato, and broad bean halves.  black sesame seed garnish.



6 responses

9 12 2009

Looks yummy!
I like the way you decorated the rice. ^-^

9 12 2009
Lia Chen

So beautiful for the both tier … agree with Lil’chan, the top tier is nicely decorated (^.^)

10 12 2009

Now that’s a lovely tiffin! Hope this added some joy to your super-busy day…

16 12 2009

thanks lil’chan, lia and jenn. glad you like my top tier, i love making patterns (often concentric circles) in this shallow round top for some reason.

10 01 2012
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27 08 2012
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