portobello slider bento

15 12 2009

yummy leftovers from dinner tonight with the boyfriend at counter, a vegetarian restaurant in our neighborhood.

top portion: portobello slider with rosemary mayo on a tiny cute poppy seed bun. purple carrot skewers, cherry tomatoes, and olive skewers, and two carrot-cheese flowers. bottom portion: leftover confit fingerling potatoes, red quinoa-and-fennel salad, roasted eggplant with pom seeds and cumin, and red saurkraut. topped with a few carrot music notes and cheese stars.

doily, kids’ chopsticks, and the last gummy cherry candy.



7 responses

15 12 2009

Yup, I was right about the toms+cheese… and I was just wondering how many gummy cherries were actually eaten during the course of the photo shoot?

16 12 2009

haha sheri i ate the whole bag over the course of the past THREE DAYS!! i know, i’m bad.

15 12 2009
Lia Chen

Looks very cheerful … melodies and flowers ahhh absolutely pretty bento. Love the picture setting and ehh nice ‘by gamene’ little tag there, so cute :o)

15 12 2009

Love this! Such a clearly gamene creation!

16 12 2009

Looks yummy. I must laugh as I have read about the red sauerkraut. Because I bought a red cabbage yesterday and decided to make my own “Rotkohl” next week. That’s how it is called here in Germany 😉

16 12 2009

thanks lia, jenn, and lil’chan!! i love having music note cutters — they make everything so cheerful. and lil’chan thanks for the german word — i love learning about food in every language… and that’s so funny that you’re eating the same thing at the same time!

6 09 2012
portobello slider bento | Bento Boxes

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