poinsettia bento

20 12 2009

leftover veggie curry and basmati rice tonight with some fresh veggies for… well, freshness.  top section:  broccoli, takuwan sticks, snow peas, blackberries in a heart-shaped cup, teeny tiny grape tomatoes, twist-cut carrot sticks.

poinsettia made of red pepper petals, green pepper leaves, and takuwan center (with yellow heart picks). inspired by pikko’s beautiful bento, as well as hapa’s lovely cupcakes, both featuring this seasonal flower.

prop-wise, we’ve got the new red pencil chopsticks sheri found for me at nyc’s own pearl river mart, a doily, and a candy cane with a bow.



8 responses

21 12 2009

Bento love! Genius bentoist! Lovely and totaly delicious looking lunch. Those chopsicks are so cool and I must have some. Headed to the online store after this to hook myself up!

Happy Holidays gamene!

21 12 2009

That looks so nice. I like the “christmas star”-flower (like we call it in germany) so much. And it looks healthy with all the veggies. Thats is what we need in these days to get a balance to all the candy we eat 😛 Must attempt some weight reduction after christmas again, doh…

21 12 2009

Mh, jummy! This flower looks really lovely ^-^ And the other ingredients of this Bento, too 😉 The Chopsticks are awesome, hehe =)

21 12 2009
Lia Chen

Everything looks so perfect Megan! Pretty poinsettia, vibrance color on the foods, you even have nice props for this shoot. So envy with the pencil chopsticks hehehe 🙂

21 12 2009

thanks hapa, amaaris, lil’chan and lia!! haha, can’t believe you ladies found this before i even remembered to post on flickr, yay!

amaaris, i agree completely about the candy. candy plus veggies cancel each other out!! 😉

21 12 2009
Susan Yuen

The poinsettia is gorgeous! Beautiful and colorful bento. 🙂

22 12 2009

This is so beautiful! Wishing you a holiday season as joyous as your bentos!

22 12 2009

thank you so much for your comments susan and jenn! hoping you both have a wonderful christmas with your families!

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