osechi bento

30 12 2009

apologies for my extended absence — i had a terrible cold for the last week or so, and just wasn’t up to bentoing.  luckily the boyfriend nursed me back to health with multiple nights of soup and grilled cheese (my preferred “sick in bed” comfort food meal), and now i’m back in action…

and just in the nick of time!  tomorrow is the last working day before the new year, so i’m bringing a new year’s bento for lunch.  traditional japanese new year’s food is known as osechi-ryōri, and includes sweet black beans (kuromame), a version of tamagoyaki made with fish paste (i used dashi instead), carrots, snow peas, and kamaboko (layered in the top tier with takuwan). i have added tomatoes, cherries, broccoli and blackberries for color and flavor variety, as well as a radish cut to look like a chrysanthemum, or in the spirit of the new year, a bursting firework.  the “2010” (resting on top of three veggie mool mandoo, a korean new year’s tradition) is cut from kamaboko with an xacto knife.

happy new year to all my bento friends!

[as seen on socyberty and lincoln cooking examiner]



13 responses

31 12 2009
Lia Chen

Wow … amazing colors on your bento! Neat as always and your picture looks very pro too. Hope that 2010 will bring all the colors of happiness to your life, Happy New Year Megan (^.^)

31 12 2009

what a sweet and wonderful comment lia, thank you! wishing you and your family the best 2010 and many more beautiful bentos as well!

31 12 2009

Just amazing! You’ve explored the New Year concept in such a novel and beautiful way here! Glad you are all recovered and wishing you a joyous and bento-rich year ahead 🙂

31 12 2009

thank you so much jenn, same wishes back atcha!!

1 01 2010

Beautiful bento! I hope this year is even better for you and your bentos!
Happy New Year!

2 01 2010

thank you judy — and best wishes to you too!

2 01 2010

Happy New Year!
Jumped from Flickr.
The perfect New Year’s Day bento! Nice osechi bento, I’ve never made such a pretty bento & osechi. The daikon chrysanthemum catches my eyes.
I’ve got a lot of inspiration from you. I look forward to your bentos. And I’m jealous a little that you have a sweeeet boyfriend. ^.^*

2 01 2010

thanks babykins, welcome to the blog and happy new year! your 2009 bentos have been wonderful – best wishes for many more (and your own sweet boyfriend, too 🙂 ) in 2010!

2 01 2010
hapa bento

Wow! So vibrant and beautiful. The layout including the props, background, etc. It’s really “picture” perfect.

Here’s to more beautiful bento boxes from you in the New Year!

4 01 2010

thanks hapa, sorry i didn’t see this til now! glad you approve of my new photography experiments (this time i used a 50mm “prime” lens)… thanks as always for your kind words!

6 01 2010
Susan Yuen

Beautiful bento and Happy New Year to you! 🙂

8 01 2010

hey susan, so sorry i missed your lovely comment – thanks for stopping by and hope your january is going wonderfully!

8 06 2012
osechi bento [explored] | Bento Boxes

[…] my osechi-ryori (traditional japanese new year’s food) bento for tomorrow’s lunch, the last work lunch of 2009! read more about it at bento zen… […]

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