tequeños bento

4 01 2010

tequeños (deep fried cheese sticks) from the outrageously delicious caracas arepa bar in the east village… definitely not the healthiest option, but i am trying to balance it out with a larger tier bursting with fruit and veggie goodness. are you buying into this dietary technique, haha?

in the tier with the tequeños i have a container full of caracas’ special secret recipe hot sauce (i’ve been trying to figure it out for years – it’s definitely vinegar based, and it has mango and peppers and spices, it’s tangy and not too hot but VERY flavorful).

the fruit and veg tier has toaster-roasted beets and asparagus (just a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper – i’m totally on board with hapa bento’s roasting kick), plus some sliced raw mushrooms, cucumber, grape tomatoes, nashi, snow peas and starfruit.

orange pencil chopsticks and orange-flavored gummies for dessert!



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5 01 2010

This looks really delicious. I have never heard of tequeños before. But it sounds good =)

5 01 2010
Lia Chen

Is always great to know a new food that is not common in my country. Thanks Megan to introduce it and put it on your beautiful bento. Nice matching color on chopsticks and gummies ;o)

5 01 2010

thanks lil’chan and lia! i hope you both can find some tequenos sometime (maybe next time you are traveling?), they are sooooo delicious that i would love for all of my bento friends to be able to try them!

5 01 2010

I like to cook, but I LOVE to dine out then pack leftovers for bento! Sometimes “not so healthy” is theraputic. When it’s hectic, there’s nothing more relaxing and good-for-you then stress free food prep. 🙂 How’s that! (I feel better now)

5 01 2010

amen to that, hapa! i needed stress free tonight. but i continue to strive for and be inspired by your healthy choices… hopefully tomorrow i’ll get back with the program!

5 01 2010

Looks delish and charming as always! Yay for roasted veggies–its fun to see good ideas and inspirations flowing around bentoville like this one! Thanks for the smile your bento gave me on a busy, back-to-reality morning:)

5 01 2010

tee hee, bentoville! glad to be a resident there with you and our other bento friends, and glad i could make you smile!

16 06 2010
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25 03 2014
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