bunny bahn mi bento

11 01 2010

most of you probably know how tasty bahn mi sandwiches are, and for those of you who are lucky enough to have a vietnamese sandwich shop in your neighborhood, they are usually pretty cheap and easy to pick up.  because of the convenience factor, i fall back on a bahn mi bento every couple of weeks — it’s a great “fill in” on nights when i don’t cook dinner or don’t make enough to produce bento-able leftovers for the next day.

today, in an effort to showcase the versatility of this lunchbox item, some of my favorite bentoists and i have put together a variety of bahn mi bentos!

my bahn mi bento is geared towards my relatively physically inactive lifestyle (i pretty much sit at a computer all day!).  in order to tailor the lunch to my nutritional requirements, i simply added a lot of fresh fruits and veggies.  the bahn mi already has fresh carrots, cilantro, and cucumber in it, as well as tofu for my protein element.  but because the yummy baguette is a processed carb (it’s plain white, not whole wheat or anything), i do need to be careful not to add other carb elements to the meal. the fruit is even pushing it, because it has so many natural sugars. to keep my body working to process those sugars, i will pace myself over the course of the day, eating part of the fruit section as a mid-morning snack.

the bunny decoration is made from mozzarella and american cheeses, with vegetarian ham and nori accents.  in the bahn mi tier i also have a steamed sweet potato flower, three takuwan-and-beet flowers, some enoki mushrooms, pea pods, and grape tomatoes.  once i eat the sandwich i will probably rip up the lettuce leaves and eat the rest of the veggies mixed with the lettuce as a small salad.

my fruit tier has nashi and plum fans, with a baby orange in a food cup, some strawberries in a food cup, blueberries in another food cup, and grapes and raspberries to fill the gaps.  both sections of this 2-tier ccomotti box are pretty deep, so the food cups are propped up on additional slices of nashi and plum.

for other ideas on how bahn mi sandwiches fit into various lifestyles (with various nutritional needs), please take a look at these other gorgeous bentos:

  • sheri over at happy little bento, who makes lunch for her son and his big appetite, made a bahn mi bento focusing on balanced nutrition for a full and active school day.
  • debra of hapa bento is a vegetarian, and her post discusses enjoying a bahn mi in nutritional moderation.
  • finally, susan over at hawai`i’s bento box cookbook makes lunch for her cutie-pie daughter paige, so she made a bahn mi bento focusing on incorporating veggies into a kid’s diet.

in the comments, i’d love to hear about your favorite bahn mi sandwich shop, or your favorite accompaniments for a bahn mi bento!

and many thanks to debra for coordinating this fun exposé on bahn mi bentos!



22 responses

11 01 2010
Susan Yuen

Eeeek so cute!!! Awesome banh mi bento, you really did a wonderful job!

11 01 2010
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11 01 2010
hapa bento

Double eeek! Fabulous and high fives and fist bumps!

11 01 2010

thanks susan and debra, you ladies rock! your bahn mi bentos are totally fab as well!

11 01 2010

Whoa, it’s a banh mi garden of delights! And yours is bursting with carrots, how fantastic! Cute adorable bunny too!!

11 01 2010

thanks sheri! yup, i love me some carrots… but now that i’m looking at misterman’s bento, i’m wishing i added more cilantro too!

12 01 2010
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12 01 2010
Lia Chen

Colorful & cutie banh mi bento Megan! A lot of fruits and veggies, score for the healthy bento. I just read Sheri’s blog and will hop to Debra and Susan’s blog after this. I’m so exciting ;o)

12 01 2010

thanks lia! glad you enjoyed this feature — i thought all 4 bahn mi bentos were super cute!

12 01 2010

I am not able to get bahn mi here =/ But it looks so delicate! >.<

12 01 2010

hey lil’chan, i’m sorry to hear you don’t have a shop near you… they are actually pretty easy to make at home, though (see susan’s post), and there are no set rules about ingredients, just a protein of your choice and some basic herbs/veggies… hope you decide to give it a try 🙂

12 01 2010
Tata Bonita

Hi Gamene, very first time visiting your blog through Susan Yuen’s. How happy I am to land on a such beautiful bento blog just like yours :D. Oh, your bunny bahn mi are the cutest sandwiches I ever seen. Gonna add your blog at my bento corner, thank you 😀

12 01 2010

welcome, tata bonita – thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! i found your wonderful blog through susan’s as well, and am now a huge fan!

12 01 2010

Yay, this is so beautiful! Perfect winter-day brightener! Loved this bento and post!

12 01 2010
Rachel@Coconut Crumbs

Everyone is making bahn mi, I love it! Yours are super cute! Love the steamed sweet potato flower!

12 01 2010

thanks for leaving me such nice comments, jenn and rachel!

12 01 2010

Looks so yummy – I have never been lucky enough to try a Bahn Mi Vietnamese Sandwich, but a friend who recently moved to San Fran has posted some photos that really made me want to try one! Any recipes for one? I wish I could just go pick one up! 🙂

12 01 2010

hey tammy, thanks for your enthusiastic comment! here is a recipe from a food site i really like: http://www.chow.com/recipes/11211

and here’s an interesting NYT feature deconstructing a bahn mi: http://www.nytimes.com/imagepages/2009/04/07/dining/08banh.5.ready.html

as i was telling lil’chan above, though, there are no hard-and-fast rules with this sandwich – use whatever protein, veggies and herbs you like, the key is the combination of richness with sourness/tanginess and herbal freshness!

13 01 2010

Awesome – thanks for the links 🙂 Wish I had cilantro and baguette etc to make one today with my leftover roast chicken! Yum 🙂

5 04 2010

great looking bento, keep them coming!

24 01 2011
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27 07 2012
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