new birdie bento

14 01 2010

all japanese flavors in tonight’s bento… clockwise from left, going in a spiral:  two pan-fried gyoza (studded with fish cake flowers), carrot sticks, some steamed broccoli, enoki mushrooms, two pieces of tempura fried sweet potato, cherry tomatoes with two steamed sweet potato stars, miso-sesame-honey eggplant made with a variation of hapa bento’s excellent recipe, a sesame mochi, and some kamaboko slices.

on top of the steamed broccoli is a beautiful takuwan bird, cut with a new handmade cutter, which was a present from my pal sherimiya — thanks so much sheri, i love it!  i think i’ll try cutting something thinner next time, so that the intricate shape of the cutter is reflected more crisply (this was my first time using it, so any flaw in the bird was with my technique, NOT the cutter!!).

i’m looking forward to the the end of the workday tomorrow… i filed a massive brief this week, which had me up working late several nights, and i’m exhausted.  hope you all have a wonderful and restful weekend!



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14 01 2010

Sweet tweet!

A bright and cheery bento with lots of pop! Your tamagoyaki is out of control and I’m loving this bento box style.

14 01 2010

Eeee! He’s lovely! I knew he would look right at home in the supercolorful bento jungle of gamene! This bento really does bring to mind a tropical idyll. How nice it must be to open a lunch like this in the middle of a hectic and stressful day!

Wonderful and beautiful bento gamene! Have a relaxing and indulgent weekend!

p.s. I do see tamagoyaki back there, right? I love this box; I really must dig it out 🙂

14 01 2010

thanks hapa! nice little rhyme, too – would be a great line for a twitter post!

14 01 2010

hey sheri, yup, those are some tamagoyaki sushi, not sure why i forgot to include that in the description… i think my brain is fried from too many days of work 0_o

glad i did the cutter proud — i do think i can show it off to better advantage though, i should have waited for a night when i wasn’t tired and cranky, but i was so excited to use it and i knew it would cheer me up!! thanks again!

15 01 2010
New Birdie Bento – Bento Central

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15 01 2010
Lia Chen

Megan, I end up looking on your beautiful bento again and again scrolling up and down from my screen hehehe … nice nice color and bento skills. Guess what? I will pass you another award, please pick it up here. Have a fun and great weekend Megan!!

15 01 2010

thank you lia, so generous of you (two awards in two days?! i’m honored)! you have a wonderful weekend too… i loved your bento tonight, you are making it tough for me to wait to see what you make on monday 🙂

15 01 2010
Susan Yuen

Beautiful! Who knew you were tired? You are still making all of these stunning bentos even though you’ve been working overtime!

15 01 2010

so many details in this box, can’t believe u were tired and able to create this – wonderful.

15 01 2010

My, bursting with colors! And great new cutter 😉 It looks delicious and bright. And I love your mochi ❤ Looks so nice with the two sesame eyes ^-^
The Tamagoyaki in the background are delicious looking!

15 01 2010
Tata Bonita

Megan, it’s totally a beautiful and perfect color combination! Super lovely bento 😀

15 01 2010

Another glorious bento! Love your new birdie/cutter and the rich and verdant jungle, complete with stars and music! Joyous! So impressed with the amazing bentos you produce even on very hectic weeks 🙂 Wishing you a fun and restful weekend, gamene.

15 01 2010

thank you all, susan, javapot, lil’chan, tata, and jenn!!

hey tata, get back to your thesis 😉 j/k, hope it’s going well though!

16 01 2010
Tata Bonita

Okay! Back to thesis hehehe. Btw, I pass you an award at my blog. Don’t forget to pick it up 😀

16 01 2010

i can’t believe you are also finding time to make bulgogi (looks yummy) – you are a renaissance woman tata, you really impress me! thank you for the award, so kind of you… i will do a post on it soon 🙂

21 01 2010

Oh, I love this bento, especially the egg with sesame hair 🙂 I’m going to steal this idea some time if I remember.

Have a great day, Margot

4 05 2012

I keep saying this, wow – I’m inspired by this beautiful bento! The cutter shapes really add a lot of color and pizzaz. Do you have a good source of bento supplies?

22 06 2012
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11 09 2012
new birdie bento

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