anpanman bento

18 01 2010

tomorrow’s lunch features anpanman, the beloved japanese cartoon character.  i made my anpanman out of a vegetarian “chik’n” patty (i like boca brand’s spicy flavor), with a cherry nose, strawberry slices for cheeks, and nori for the eyes, eyebrows and mouth.

the patty is on top of some rice that i sprinkled with shiso furikake, and filling up the rest of the box is some roasted baby bok choi (made in the toaster again, with just salt, pepper, olive oil, minced garlic and gochu garu), enoki mushrooms, sweet potato hearts (made from two teardrop shapes each), cherries and pea pods.

— ♥ —

i know i usually stick to bento on this blog, but i wanted to do a quick restaurant review since i had the day off from work today (for MLK day) and took the opportunity to eat some dim sum in chinatown with friends.   this time we tried jing fong, which gets mixed reviews food-wise but has the classic ambiance we were looking for:  a huge, bustling banquet hall with tons of carts (as well as a hot buffet).

here are some shots of the hot buffet line:


and here are a few of the goodies we ordered from carts:

from the top:  various dumplings, other savories (stewed tofu, fried tofu with shrimp, and eggplant with pork) and sweet sesame pastries.

overall, the consensus of internet reviewers was pretty spot-on, in that the experience was lively and fun, and the food was ok.

as you can see from the menu card at the left, we stuffed ourselves (with no less than 21 dishes), until we felt like we needed to be rolled away in wheelbarrows!!! it was a fairly good bargain, at only about $16 per person, tax and tip included.  that said, i preferred the food at ping’s (where the eggplant is so divine i featured it in a previous bento). if choosing based on food alone, i wouldn’t necessarily go back to jing fong (after all, there are still many more dim sum places for me to try!).

— ♥ —

finally, i wanted to pass along an award i received from two lovely ladies, lia of my bentolicious, and tata of bonito’s cooking wonderland.  thank you so much lia and tata, i’m honored!

there are no rules to this award, so if i’ve passed it along, please don’t feel obligated to keep passing or to post on it or anything — but i thought it would be a nice chance to give a shout-out to my favorite blogging bentoists.  so, debra (hapa bento), sheri (happy little bento), pikko (adventures in bento making), and susan (hawai`i’s bento box cookbook), plus lia and tata, here’s to you!  i ♥ all of your blogs!



12 responses

18 01 2010

Dim sum day off! Can’t beat that with a stick! Chopstick… that is. LOL!
Super cute Anpanman… did you hand-cut the nori? Supreme scissor skills. Thank you for the award. I ❤ your blog too!

19 01 2010

haha, beat that with a chopstick, HAHAHA! yup, cut the nori by hand – the boyfriend spotted some tiny little manicure scissors in our H-mart last time we were there and suggested i get them for bentoing; they work like a charm!

19 01 2010
Susan Yuen

Awesome Anpanman bento! I love those carrot hearts, such a great idea! Don’t get me started on Dim Sum. We usually go for brunch because we seriously eat two meals worth of stuff. Sooo good! 😀 I love all of the dim sum pictures, although they are making me hungry! Thanks so much for the award too. *hugs*

19 01 2010

yup, dim sum is perfect for eating yourself into a food coma, haha! hope you got to eat something yummy this weekend too… maybe s’mores at the campfire? 🙂

19 01 2010
Lia Chen

I like your cute Anpanman bento. You have all in this bento ; cute, pretty, colorful, yummy!! The dim-sum looks fantastic … make me want to have one this weekend 🙂

19 01 2010

thanks lia, so glad you like my anpanman, and i hope you get to eat some dim sum soon – it’s so fun!

19 01 2010

Very cute 😀

21 01 2010

thanks tammy!!

19 01 2010
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19 01 2010

We LOVE your blog too! And all your cute bento as well 🙂
Thanks so much for passing along this sweet award megan, so kind of you!

21 01 2010

thank you and you’re welcome, too — your bentos are such an inspiration to me, of *course* happy little bento gets my vote!!

18 05 2012
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