tamagoyaki chicks bento

21 01 2010

tomorrow’s lunch has a musubi (yes, another musubi!), this time with brown rice and wasabi-mayo salmon filling.  the box is lined in cabbage, and in the bottom right-hand corner is a piece of the garlic-pepper salmon we had for dinner tonight (pan seared and then finished in the oven).  the “space fillers” in this bento are snow peas, grape tomatoes, a few cherries and raspberries, baby carrots, and a piece of steamed broccoli.

you may have noticed my musubi is decorated with another of my new pre-cut nori shapes — i love these!  i added a few hearts made with a different punch, just to fill up the rest of the musubi’s surface.

for a cute touch, i added two chicks made of tamogayki slices.  these are super easy to do — just use the non-cut side of the tamagoyaki slices (so that the swirl made by the filling doesn’t distract from the chicks’ faces), stick a pick in the top of their head to approximate the cocks’-combs, and add features of your choice (i did nori eyes and carrot beaks made from two different sized triangles each).

i definitely didn’t make this idea up, but i can’t remember where i saw it.  so, hey bentoists out there — if you’re reading this and want to be credited for this idea, please let me know!  i’m happy to update this post to link to your fantastic work!  UPDATE:  i found it!  i have been a fan of lucky sundae’s blog for a while, and i saw this entry months ago.  but then today i noticed it’s also on the cover her upcoming yum yum bento box book with pikko, and seeing the cover triggered my memory.  so thanks for the inspiration, lucky sundae!

here’s a close-up of the chicks’ faces:

the beak on the left one is a little bit jacked up, but maybe he’s just mid-tweet… yeah, that’s the ticket.

anyway, most of the CSS-related funny business i alluded to yesterday has been resolved, thanks to my awesome, life-saving, technology guru friend.  thanks vivi!

you may have already noticed my sweet new foodbuzz and j-list banners, and now i’ve also put together an amazon store filled with bento goodies hand-picked by me (some based on having used and loved, others based on still wanting — hint hint, boyfriend, if you are reading)… anyway, if you’re in the mood to feed your bento addiction, check out some of my selections!



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21 01 2010

Ultra cute bento! Love the happy chirping chickies, and the salmon looks scrumptious. Did you cut the carrots with a special tool? The closeup shot looks great, love it!
Wonderful, and delicious looking bento megan!

21 01 2010

thank you so much sheri! you are so quick again! i cut the carrots with an x-acto knife, which i can’t in good conscience really recommend, because the blade is not made for food and so it gets rusty when it comes in contact with moisture – blech! if you wipe it clean after using (instead of actually *washing* it), it’s a very good tool for this kind of cutting… but be careful, it’s also a super sharp weapon. and i don’t want you to get tetanus from your carrots!

22 01 2010
Susan Yuen

Love the chicks! LOL, nothing jacked up about those guys, they’re too cute! Such beautiful colors and I love the close up pic.

22 01 2010

thanks susan! yeah i don’t do a close-up every time, but the first angle wasn’t great for seeing their faces. thanks for saying my beaks aren’t jacked up, haha ;-D

22 01 2010

I never get tired of seeing cute chicks! WAIT!!! LOL… Seriously, your bento boxes stir up the “awww” in my heart1 ❤

22 01 2010

I forgot to add… I just noticed your bento store! Awesome.

22 01 2010

thanks hapa, you’re so sweet! glad you like these chicks, though i guess i have been a bit liberal with the bird theme lately 0_o

i had a great time picking out what is essentially an “all time bento wish list” for myself — can you imagine if i owned everything in the store?! crazy. fun to “pretend shop” though!

22 01 2010
Tamagoyaki Chicks Bento – Bento Central

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22 01 2010

I looked around for those pre cut nori shapes. But it looks like I have no way to get them^^ Never mind!
Your bento is great. So fresh looking, balanced and filled with the best fish ever! ❤ And your chicks? Only cute ^-^

22 01 2010

thanks lil’chan! haha i didn’t know you were such a fan of salmon — me too! i hope you can find the pre-cut nori shapes some time… you might want to check ebay? i originally tried ordering from the japanese site i linked to, but they only ship to japan 😦 good luck!

22 01 2010

I love the chicks! So cute!! I may have to break down and buy an actual tamagoyaki pan… Adorable bento 🙂

22 01 2010

What cute little chicks! Adorable!!

22 01 2010
Lia Chen

Love the cute chicks! They are so adorable … Great close-up shoot Megan. A lot of things on your new lay out, well done! I am kind of addicted now to always check on your wonderful blog 🙂

23 01 2010

thank you tammy, melanie and lia!! lia, i am always happy to feed such an addiction (and that is such a nice compliment!) 🙂

4 02 2010

Love your website!! So happy to find another English bento site.
Got a question…maybe you or anybody outhere can help me out. It may sound silly though 😛
How do you eat that cute rice ball? do you pick it up by hand or leave it in the box and eat it the way you normally eat your rice? haha…told you….it’s silly
I’m new to bento. My son had been trying my “work of art”. However, it always turns out to be a big mess ><

20 08 2012
tamagoyaki chicks bento – detail | Bento Boxes

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