flower fried rice bento

24 01 2010

i had a looooong, busy weekend with very little relaxation/”me” time, so tonight the boyfriend and i ordered from spice thai and i threw together something bright and cheerful with the leftover veggies from the crudités platter i served at today’s book club gathering.

the entree is spicy ginger fried rice and tofu, topped with a vegetarian ham, cucumber, carrot, and fish cake flower (hand cut).  behind my pink lace baran (another score from my trip to ichiban kan in beautiful san francisco — but you can buy your own online at j-list), i have carrot sticks, steamed broccoli (with two little fish sausage flowers, held in place with heart picks), takuwan flowers, red pepper spears, pea pods, grape tomatoes, blackberries and a strawberry.

for props i’m using one of my new laser-cut felt doilies (from artsy athina on etsy) and a cute little clickety-click fork.  speaking of props, i picked out a bunch of fun and cool things in the props section of my amazon store — some of you are just starting to experiment with props (i only started a few weeks ago), and it’s a whole new world of fun bento styling, am i right?  in the comments, i’d love to hear any of your cool new prop ideas…



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24 01 2010

Ooh, I love this flowery bento in winter! You found some really sweet looking fruits too..those blackberries are perfect!
I’ll have to try the layered flowers too… very nice effect!
You always do a nice job with the props…I usually don’t take the time. I can see how it improves the look of your photo, though. And I did receive some nice props in the mail from a thoughtful friend, so maybe I’ll get more “proppy” in the future!

24 01 2010

thanks for your kind words sheri! hmm, i think i know what props you might be talking about 😉 – you should definitely go crazy with them! imho, your bentos are already spectacular and don’t need the extra appeal of props, but i do think it’s cute when you accent with fun hashi or silverware.

24 01 2010

You always do a PROPer job with your photo layouts! The composition is very eye-catching but never distracts from the food, which always looks delicious.
I generally never do props because…I’m lazy. There, I said it. LOL! My bentos are placed inside a shoe box and I take the shots.
A friend,-cough-Megan-cough- sent me some fantastic backgrounds which I always forget to use.
Looking at your beautiful photos has convinced me to start remebering. 🙂

24 01 2010

tee, hee, PROPer, you are always so funny debra! thanks for the prop-preciation 😀
as i said to sheri, you have beautiful, eye-catching bentos, and don’t need to bolster with props (i actually love your shoebox/lightbox set-up, it’s always very dramatic)… but i’d love to see your creative take on props or backgrounds any time!

24 01 2010
Lia Chen

Megan, lovely bento! Very fresh! I like the tiny flowers on the top of the broccoli … These all flowers are looking great in your bento. Love the arrangements for the photo shoot, very well prepared (^.^)

25 01 2010
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25 01 2010

Kawaiii! I love this ❤ So cheerful and colorful. Yay! Looks really yummy!

I try to take my pictures with props. But I don't have the space to buy special decoration things, or a light box. So it must go with things I have in my little room and usually in use^^

25 01 2010

I think your photos are what inspired me to use props myself. I realized that I had scrap book paper around, and those squares are just the right size to go under my bento boxes. I haven’t tried doilys or flowers or anything like that- but with how cute you make it look, I just might!

25 01 2010

Lovely bento as always 🙂 My photography needs help before I worry about props – lol – my lightbox is too small for my bento usually, but one of these days I plan to make one…

I am intrigued by this shoebox technique…

Maybe soon I’ll try adding props 🙂

25 01 2010

thank you all, lia, lil’chan, melanie and tammy! props and photography tricks are fun, but the important part is the bento itself — and you all make very lovely bentos!

25 01 2010

Hi Megan!
Amazing how each of your bentos reflects care, passion and a happy heart! Yummy Thai food a magical elixir…(its aromatherapy, for one thing)!

I love how props extend the creative fun and expression of bentoing–and really can be whatever makes your heart sing! (I love your Daiso props, so sweet and modern–one more reason I long to go to California!) I’m enjoying using decorative papers, pretty chopsticks and in warmer seasons a changing array of leaves and blossoms…:)

9 04 2011
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25 08 2012
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