sunshine tofu bento

25 01 2010

i was so inspired by sherimiya‘s and hapa bento‘s recent sunshine bentos that i decided to make my own contribution to the theme!

my sunshine is a fried quail egg (plus about a tablespoon of extra egg white); i trimmed the “rays” with an x-acto knife and added the face details with punched nori.

this happy sun sits atop some korean stewed spicy tofu, and the rest of the box contains leftover spring rolls (from last night’s spice thai delivery), pea pods, baby carrot sticks, yellow pepper sticks, and grape tomatoes.  my sidecar has strawberry halves, some blackberries, takuwan flowers, and pomegranate seeds in a blossom-shaped food cup.

here’s a close-up of the sun:

this egg detail is actually pretty easy to accomplish, provided you don’t screw up cracking the egg and break the yolk before it hits the pan (which has happened to me on multiple occasions, since the membrane of a quail egg is so thick)!  fried egg details are super yummy, and can take many forms — i really liked susan‘s shaped egg today as well!  just make sure you cook the yolk thoroughly so that nothing scary (bacteria-wise) happens to your bento between the time you pack it and the time you eat it.

– ♥ –

my friend irina recently went to japan, and she brought me back the cutest candy bento!  it has 6 individually-wrapped candies (for use in 6 future individual bentos, mwa ha ha), including a sakura, a bunny, and a tiger.

i’ve never seen anything like it and i almost crapped myself when she gave it to me.  thanks irina!!



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25 01 2010
Susan Yuen

I just about fell off my chair when you said you almost crapped yourself! What a gorgeous vibrant bento!!! Thanks for the nod, you are too sweet. 😀

25 01 2010

HAHA, yeah i tend to use that expression even though i know it’s actually pretty gross. but seriously, have you ever seen anything so shriek-of-cuteness-inducing?!

and you’re welcome for the linkage – your egg is awesome!

25 01 2010

That is an adorable candy tray! I love each and every one of them to bits!
It’s funny that you and Susan both made a sunny egg! Thanks for picking up the sun theme in your gorgeous and happy bento!

I just adore fried eggs. I usually break the yolks though, and get everything all variegated. I love putting fried eggs on top of other stuff too, and spicy Korean food is just about the best candidate for that. Soo…now that you’ve put the idea in my face like this, off I go to the kitchen…

Oop, forgot to mention that I like the mosaic tilesque paper. First thing I thought was subway bento, and then poolside bento 🙂

25 01 2010

thanks sheri, glad you like this combo – it’s one of my faves too! hope you whip up something tasty in your kitchen!

oh, and i thought the paper looked like pool tiling too!

26 01 2010

I loved this post, and I laughed out loud.

26 01 2010

ha, thanks judy, glad to make you laugh!

26 01 2010
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26 01 2010

Hehehe… you said “crapped”! Now that we’ve gone there… “holy crap” that’s the cutest sunshine quail egg that I’ve ever seen! I want to give it a kiss on the cheek. Now THAT’S gross. LOL

Hey, you know what that tiger is good for? *wiggles eyebrows” But I know I don’t need to remind you. Just sayin… 🙂

Thanks for the sunshine shout out! Who’s next up to produce sun-smiles?

26 01 2010

yup, we went there! 😀 i hope the sunny theme continues, it’s just what the doctor ordered with this gloomy weather.

and as far as the tiger, i think you’ll be seeing it again, and i think you know when!

26 01 2010

Yummy! That’s almost all I can say to your bento 😉 I like all the fresh fruits and delicious things in there. The sun is especially cute!

And your candy! ❤ Oh my, so cute! Never seen such a thing. I would like to know what's inside those colorfuls sweets ^-^

26 01 2010

thanks lil’chan, i’m so happy you like this bento! i think the candy is just the jelly/gummy kind, no filling. it’s covered in grains of sugar so it will be VERY sweet. can’t wait to try it!

26 01 2010
Tata Bonita

Your bentos are always merry and multicolor Megan :D. Here in my place now is so cloudy and dark, yup going to rain again and again :'(. And by looking at this one has brighten up that cloudy sky :D. Btw, Jorge and Vale visited Indonesia few weeks ago, so sad couldn’t meet with them *tears*

26 01 2010

thanks so much for your sweet comment tata. i’m sorry to hear you didn’t get to see your friends… i assume it’s because you were getting ready for your exam, you’re such a good student! are you done yet?? if so, congratulations!

26 01 2010
Lia Chen

I perhaps come as the last one to comment Megan but I’m still one of your fans hehehe … As Tata said before that it has been raining a lot here so it’s nice to see your bright and cheerful bento Megan (^.^)

26 01 2010

thanks lia, your comments are welcome whenever they come (plus, we’re in different time zones)! it’s been raining a ton in NYC too — i hope the sun comes out for you soon though!

26 01 2010
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26 01 2010

Your bento is so bright and fun it made me smile as soon as I saw it. Evrything looks so delicious.

26 01 2010

Love this sunny theme! And the supporting cast of bright veggies! The candy bento is just essence-of-Japanese-refined-splendid-cuteness!! Congrats–what a treasure!

26 01 2010

thanks marisa and jenn! 😀

26 01 2010

SOOOO creative and well done!!

26 01 2010

Oh, I love the egg’s little face! Beautiful as always – and I love the way you write 🙂

11 02 2010
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10 09 2010
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