inarizushi garden bento

27 01 2010

lia over at my bentolicious has a sushi theme going this week, and she inspired me to whip up some inarizushi.  the brand of skins i buy is actually korean (manufactured by daerim corporation); you can see it in the top row of products on this page.  i like this particular product because a) it comes with tiny packages of furikake and vinegar for mixing into the rice, and b) the actual aburaage are triangular shaped corners, which makes for a cute stuffed final product.

in march 2009, maki posted great step-by-step instructions for making this dish over at just hungry; i followed her exact instructions for cooking the aburaage, but the possibilities for flavoring the rice itself are endless!

my inarizushi pockets are topped with cheese-and-nori flowers (sesame seed centers) with pea pod leaves, and the fruit and veggie tier has broccoli, baby carrot sticks, tamagoyaki slices, grape tomatoes, blueberries on a skewer (i like how the wooden ball looks like a blueberry, too!), and edamame shumai.  i topped the shumai and broccoli with a few extra sakura petals to tie the two tiers together.

can’t wait to tuck into this one!

oh, and if you like the little felt flower shape my chopsticks are resting on, stay tuned… i’m planning a giveaway, and will be posting details some time next week.



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27 01 2010

Ooh, those are sakura petals, sorry! Not hearts, oops.
Very lovely! Love the tamagoyaki and the blueberry ball skewer is cute!
Inarizushi is one of my faves and it’s the potluck dish my mom was always responsible for bringing to the huge family gatherings in small-kid time.
Wonderful bento, great job!

27 01 2010

thanks sheri! inarizushi is new to me, but sometimes you try something and know you’re going to be eating a LOT of it for a while, haha.

27 01 2010

They sound amazing. You totally fooled me with the blueberries – I never even noticed the wood bead on the end. I can just see my daughter trying to eat it too. I’ve never seen edamame shumai before. I’ve learned so much here today. Thanks.

27 01 2010

awww, karina, you’re so welcome, thanks for visiting! 🙂 the edamame shumai are a great veggie option (though i haven’t scoured the ingredients to make sure there’s nothing “fishy” in there), they come in a frozen pack of twelve, and they’re made by nissui. hope you find some soon!

27 01 2010
Susan Yuen

So pretty and I love all of the little details. The flowers, petals, carved carrots, blueberry skewer, and the lovely inari sushi! Beautiful!

27 01 2010

thank you susan! 😀 sometimes when i’m not doing a kyaraben i try to add some extra little elegant touches, thanks for noticing!!

27 01 2010

And you say this is your new to inarizushi? Wow, very nice. Inarizushi unlike it’s more colorful cousin makizushi is usually drab in comparison. You’ve created beauty! Pretty details all around.

Can’t wait to hear more about your upcoming contest… any hints?

28 01 2010
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28 01 2010

Aw, this bento looks so elegant and nice ^-^ I like Inari Zushi, too, so I really enjoyed to see this work 😉

28 01 2010
Lia Chen

So beautiful Megan! Can’t blink for few seconds while looking at the pictures hehehe … Love the color of edamame shumai. I will say everything in the boxes are carefully choose and neatly arranged. Your bento inspired me a lot (^.^)

28 01 2010

Oh its so pretty!! I do love the sakura theme across both tier…and these inari sushi looks too good to be true!

28 01 2010

thank you for all of your nice comments, debra, lil’chan, lia and eatlunch!

28 01 2010

Every time I look at the bento, the word “striking” resonates in my mind. I love its distinctiveness and confident style, (which is of course your bento style)gamene!

27 06 2012
inarizushi garden bento | Bento Boxes

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