kabaya petit pastel

31 01 2010

my favorite new sweet treat!

— ♥ —

valentine’s day is almost here… looking for something cute to include in your sweetie’s bento?  i just had to share this adorable candy i found this week at my korean grocer.  it’s called “petit pastel,” and as you can see, it’s shaped like tiny ice cream cones!  the cones are chocolate, and the colored “scoops” are white-chocolate-covered malt balls.

you can view some cute engrish about the product at the manufacturer’s website, and you can buy it online at ebay (here or here), or at this japanese candy site.  (check your local asian market though — they were $1 cheaper at mine!)

— ♥ —

and if you like what you see, stay tuned… tomorrow i’ll be posting details of this week’s giveaway, and the prize package includes an unopened box of petit pastel!



8 responses

31 01 2010

Oh my goodness. How adorable!

31 01 2010

soo adorable! Very sweet 🙂

31 01 2010

thanks melanie and sheri! sheri i thought these would be up your alley since they are minis… and btw did you know there is a whole mini food group on flickr?! i just joined, it’s cute overload!

31 01 2010
Kabaya Petit Pastel – Bento Central

[…] about these teeny tiny malted “ice cream cones,” part of an upcoming prize package at bento zen! Share and […]

31 01 2010

What a treat! I loved reading about these adorable mini cones! Sweet post, gamene–nice way to get the Valentine’s spirit going 🙂

31 01 2010

thanks jenn, glad i was able to get you in the holiday mood. these really are a delicious and fun little treat — i hope you’ll participate in the contest for a chance to win them! (you are such an asian market buff though, maybe you already have them?)

1 02 2010

So sweet – and the perfect size. But I think I like your adorable little dish the best (oh and the paper as well – of course).

1 02 2010

thanks karina, it’s a soy sauce dish, and it was super cheap from either pearl river mart or maybe even urban outfitters, something like that – glad you like it!

regarding the paper, oh how i deliberated between this paper and one with a cupcake print on it. the boyfriend voted for this one and ultimately it won out because of the upcoming holiday. phew — glad it was the right pick!

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