red bahn mi bento

2 02 2010

i know, the bahn mi itself is not red, but this is my contribution to hapa bento’s BOMB (“best of the month bento”) challenge.  february’s theme is heart-healthy, holiday-friendly RED!

a quick and easy bento tonight with no frills — i had a bad day at work and didn’t feel too inspired.  but look, i have a red flower prop, a red box, some red tomatoes with a red flowered skewer, and even a red bento belt!  that counts, right?  and the cute mushroom paper did cheer me up a bit.

this bahn mi is from a new place that the boyfriend discovered in our neighborhood, bahn mi zon.  i like their sandwiches better than the place i had been going to previously — they are bigger, and the baguette is more tender.  this one’s filled with marinated mushrooms, tofu, and your standard cucumber-cilantro-daikon-carrot combination.

rounding out the box are a pear fan (the pear is also kinda reddish!) and two takuwan fans, some blueberries, and the tomatoes.  underneath that stuff i buried a babybel cheese and some cucumber slices.  this box is pretty deep, which is why it works for the sandwich halves, but which also means that some food items won’t be visible.

want a contest hint?   i thought so!  ok — in the country i’ll be visiting, putrified shark meat is a traditional food.  i’m pretty brave when it comes to trying new things (i ate some pretty unimaginable animal parts in shanghai), and i’ll go with an open mind, but the word “putrified” is inherently unappetizing, no?  i bet it wouldn’t look great in bento, either!



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2 02 2010

Cute red bento!
Agree with you about the banh mi places… you have to try a lot to really figure out the best. In my case, one place has the best bread, another has the better fillings, and yet a different one gives the fattest ones. Ah well, the search goes on.
Lovely photo, and I like the tree paper a lot!

I bet you’ll come back a putrified shark meat convert 😉

2 02 2010

haha, that’s totally been my experience sheri! bread is important though… for now, i’m prioritizing that 🙂

oh, you think the little design on the papers looks like trees? i was thinking mushrooms, but maybe that was the mushrooms in the sandwich speaking to me… 0_o

did the putrified shark meat give you a contest guess?? looking forward to your next bento!

2 02 2010

lovely bento! hmmm, I have no idea about the putrified shark meat… : )

2 02 2010

thanks rachel — not sure if you just started with the contest, but check my twitter for a bunch of additional clues!

2 02 2010

I wish I had a banh mi place near me. I still haven’t found one. Life is so limited here to the point of blandness. My daughter says it’s like loose leaf paper it doesn’t get interesting until you write something on it. Ok I am getting over dramatic :). The bento looks great I wish I had taste-o-vision on my computer. Oh yeah I have that same bento belt so I count that under red not that my vote counts hee hee.

3 02 2010

taste-o-vision, haha that made me giggle… if ONLY! sorry to hear you don’t have a shop near you, but bahn mi is really easy enough to make at home — i hope you try it marisa! if life is bland you have to add the spices yourself 🙂

2 02 2010

I also have the same bahn mi dilemma… but what a good problem to have eh! I always say that I’m going to make my own, but why bother when there are many shops in my neiborhood.

This is a seriously RED bento box. Love your signature fruit fans… I think it’s your trademark. You do it so well.

3 02 2010

thanks debra, nice to hear i have a recognizable style 😉
and i’m also so glad you think this is RED enough! yay for the BOMB challenge!

3 02 2010

I’m going to make it to hapa’s BOMB contest this month. I keep thinking I need to go shop for some more “red” things, but you have done a great job using what you have….I totally underestimate the power of props…time to sort through the scrapbook paper. That is such a cute box – beautifully presented as always. Hope tommorow brings a better day. I’m off to make my guess now.

3 02 2010

seriously karina, prop it up — you are SO crafty, i’m sure you have a ton of cute red stuff. then add an apple or a strawberry or a hot dog or something red IN the box, and you’re good to go! can’t wait to see what you do!

(and thanks so much for wishing me a better day!)

3 02 2010
Susan Yuen

I love that red bento box, it displays your bahn mi beautifully! You are wonderful at arranging everything to fit perfectly into your bento. 😀 Putrified shark meat huh… I’m going to have to do some research.

3 02 2010

awww, thanks susan! this was the first time i tried this box for bahn mi, but i was getting bored of using the basket box for it every time so i gave it a go. glad to hear you like how it turned out 🙂

3 02 2010
Lia Chen

Beautiful red bento! Your pear fan and takuwan fan look so great Megan. Love the cute background, match your red bento really well (^.^)

3 02 2010

thanks lia, you always have the sweetest comments for me! i think this paper is very cute too, it’s by “die cuts with a view” (toadstools collection) — i love all your backgrounds and prop choices too!

3 02 2010

Hi gamene,
Sorry about your bad day at work–hope some lovely bahn mi therapy was helpful! Thai and Vietnamese are cheering food mainstays for me–something about the alchemy of herbs, ginger and spices works a kind of aromatheraputic magic on the psyche 🙂
What a lovely composition you’ve made here! I love how the bahn mi are encircled by all the pretty, bright slices. And the clear red box and beautiful band are sooooo nice!

3 02 2010

thanks for your pick-me-up words jenn, i really appreciate it. and i agree about the magic powers of asian food/spices!

3 02 2010

The bahn mi looks like it has lots of filling – yum!
Here’s my bento today, with my guess about your vacation to be emailed shortly.
It’s another wintery one:
I hope you had a better day at work today (at least you get to look forward to a fun weekend getaway)! Oh and I hope you make a bento to reflect the local specialties of your vacation destination when you return – I bet you could make even that putrified shark look cute 😉

3 02 2010
Simone Levin

Putrified shark?? From all of your yummy veggie filled bentos, I thought you were a fellow vegetarian.
Here is a link to my latest bento . . . it’s a pretty boring one but I did spend a good deal of time whittling a sliver of carrot into a heart shaped pick.
Hearts Lunch

5 02 2010

Oooh putrified shark…bleh. I drew the line at natto in Japan. Moldering food does not float my boat.

I’m going to give these a try this weekend. I’m sure they would make colourful and delicious bento additions:

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