lovebirds bento

10 02 2010

i know, i know, sheri did a gorgeous lovebirds bento on monday, and i swear that 1) i sketched this similar idea in my notebook over the weekend, and 2) i’m by no means trying to top hers (there’s no way i could!)… that said, maybe we can get a theme going (like when everybody did penguins)?  i just couldn’t pass up using this beautiful, intricate cutter for a holiday themed bento.

my love birds are made from egg sheet (i used mothering corner’s super-helpful instructions, and learned that adding cornstarch produces a pretty durable and smooth sheet; mine has 3 drops of red food coloring) on top of cheese, and the heart they’re sitting on is more egg sheet and cheese, topped by a daikon heart.

in the top portion of the box we have yellow carrots, pea pods, a grape tomato, broccoli, purple potato slices, pomegranate seeds in 2 silicone food cups (i doubled for stiffness and a more recognizable heart shape), a strawberry, and garlic-pepper salmon (leftover from tonight’s dinner).

this is my last valentine bento, as tomorrow i’ll be posting my “year of the tiger” contribution.  i hope you all have a wonderful valentine’s day, either with your sweethearts, your kids, or friends who love you!



13 responses

10 02 2010

Yes, let’s get a lovebirds theme going! Perfect!
So pretty in pink, the sweet birds, all the lovely hearts, and the colorful fruits and veggies!
Super bento, and a great way to close out the Valentines week! Happy, happy Valentine’s Day to you too megan!!

10 02 2010
Susan Yuen

Love-ly birds and they are so sweet! Beautiful arrangement and garlic-pepper salmon sounds so good right now! 😀

10 02 2010

Beautiful bento! Happy Valentine Day to you and your BF. 😉

11 02 2010
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11 02 2010
Lia Chen

Lovely bento! My eyes can’t get off from your sweet lovebirds OOooo … Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day too (^.^)

11 02 2010

Too cute to be true! *Love is in the air*

11 02 2010

Dazzling and happy lovebirds bento with so many lovely shades of pink, gamene–it just radiates life and joy! And lemon-pepper salmon–yum!! Wishing you a very fun and romantic Valentines Day!

11 02 2010

My immediate reaction is….WAH..

I do love the lovebirds!! cant wait to see your interpretation of the year of the tiger – which I’m not even going to attempt due to my recent catastrophe with bento making!

11 02 2010

thank you all, sheri, susan, hapa, lia, gnoegnoe, jen and mils! sweet valentine wishes to you ladies!

12 02 2010

Hoo! It’s a great idea to double silicon cups for stiffness. Mine were unrecognizable. I’ve just remembered I’ve had the same heart shaped silicon cups. I should have used it!!
Lovely lovely birds, too cute! They look Cockatoo or Cockatiel, since I love them. And your egg sheet is smooth and perfect!
Have a sweet Valentine’s Day, too Megan ^0^

12 02 2010
Tata Bonita

Hohoho, a real lovebird couple! 😀
The color of the birds turned out beautifully, it definitely brings the atmosphere of love celebration in the air! Beeyooteefoool v-themed bento 😀

28 05 2012
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25 07 2012
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