panda nugget bento

18 02 2010

tomorrow’s lunch is panda crazy!!  i accented my veggies with panda baran from the same set that includes the froggie i used the other day, and made a cheese-and-nori topper for my vegetarian chicken nugget to match.  for panda dessert, i included one of the chocolates from this yummy package.

the veggies here are broccoli, takuwan flowers (the largest one with a pre-cut nori flower), carrots, one grape tomato, and steamed purple potato slices.  the steamed white rice is actually only a thin layer, on top of some stewed spicy tofu from the fridge.  i’m throwing a clementine in my lunch bag for a bit of extra vitamin C!

here’s a closer shot of my pandas:

have a great weekend!



7 responses

18 02 2010

This is my favorite baran, I think! Pandas are my favorite, so of course I love this bento a LOT! Great face; you got the eye ovals just right, didn’t you?
Have a great weekend yourself! A pandariffic one!

18 02 2010

Panda crazy’s a great way to be! Enjoy this beautifully cute bento in the “real” world as much as we will all enjoy it virtually, gamene! As usual your awesome prop styling carries the bright bento sweetness to the next level!

18 02 2010
Lia Chen

Cute Panda! Triplet panda … sure is enough cuteness there. Did you make your own vegetarian chicken nugget? Have fun this weekend (^.^)

18 02 2010

thanks sheri, jenn and lia!! and no, i didn’t make the chicken nugget — trader joe did the work for me 😉

18 02 2010

“Have a nice weekend”. Oh yes, tomorrow is Friday and what a great way to end a work week of….wait for it…

“Pandamonium” 🙂

So nice to see this cute panda trio!
I love Traderstoo !

19 02 2010
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19 02 2010

Aw, so cute! This panda chocolate looks beautiful! So kawaii! And your cheese panda is cute, too. Such a nice bento ^.^

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