flower fried rice (redux!) bento

21 02 2010

i know i did a flower detail on fried rice fairly recently, but for some reason this food and this decorative motif just seem to go together for me.  i think flowers also go particularly well with the round, three-sectioned box, as sheri has proven time and time again.

tomorrow’s lunch consists of leftovers from yesterday morning’s fried rice breakfast (yum, who can say no to fried rice for breakfast?!).  for fresh veggies/fruit, i’ve got grape tomatoes (with leaf food picks), orange and yellow baby carrot sticks, pea pods, broccoli, and blueberries.  and here’s my fried rice recipe, though it’s not really a recipe, since the substitution possibilities are endless (really, just throw together whatever random leftover veggies you have in your fridge, and supplement with ones from your freezer if necessary):

yummy fried rice breakfast goodness (serves two hungry, hungover adults):

  • 1.5 cups leftover rice (should be COLD from the fridge)
  • 1/2 small white onion or about 1/3 cup chopped green onion
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup chopped broccoli or other leftover steamed green vegetables (i added snow peas)
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup frozen green vegetables (i used edamame, but peas or carrots are also good options)
  • 4 sliced hot dogs (you could also use soy dogs or fish sausages)
  • 3 tbsp. cooking oil (i use canola)
  • 3 tbsp. soy sauce, 1 heaping tbsp. gochujang (you could also use sriracha), 1 heaping tbsp. garlic paste or finely minced garlic, and 1 tbsp. sesame oil
  • 2 eggs
  1. get a very large saute pan (or even better, a wok) hot and add your cooking oil.  sautee the onion and fresh vegetable (here, broccoli) until cooked through but not browned.  add the frozen vegetable (here, edamame) and continue stirring over high heat until defrosted.
  2. add your meat (here, hot dog slices) and cook everything until slightly browned on edges.
  3. add your rice.  it will be chunky and stuck together from cooling in the fridge, so use the blade of your spatula to break it up and mix it with the vegetables and meat already in the pan.
  4. add your garlic and gochujang (or sriracha).  again, use your spatula to evenly distribute the seasoning throughout the rice, making sure that there no clumps of un-seasoned rice (e.g. big clumps which, if you broke them open, would be pure white inside) remain.
  5. in a small bowl or ramekin, beat two cracked eggs lightly.  you’re really just trying to break the yolks, not make the base of an omelette or anything.  add the egg mixture to the pan and again, using your spatula, evenly distribute, being careful not to let a puddle of eggs burn on the bottom of the mixture.
  6. turn the flame off.  add your soy and sesame (you turn the flame off because you don’t want to burn these, and they don’t really need to cook anyway).  use the spatula to mix everything together one final time.

could that possibly be any easier?  there is no special “technique” here, just adding things in stages and continuing to mix thoroughly.  and like i said, you could substitute almost any of these ingredients, as long as we’re still talking about some kind of rice, mixed with some kind of vegetable and protein.  i love ordering fried rice from thai restaurants because it’s always so buttery and herbal, but i also love making it at home because it’s a great use for odds and ends from my fridge that are about to go bad.



12 responses

21 02 2010

First! (I couldn’t resist)

Hey, those flowers look real and I agree about blossoms and fried rice. They marry well. Lovely and yummy bento as usual.

21 02 2010

thanks debra! 🙂

21 02 2010

Hey, are you sure this isn’t my bento?
I had to look twice, hehe! … a bento after my own heart, and fried rice is a gold standard in our house. Leftovers that no one would look twice at get new life in fried rice. Esp great that it doesn’t matter if the vegetables look less than pretty; no one will ever know.
Super lovely flower shape too… new?

21 02 2010

this *totally* lookslike a sheri bento — i hope you don’t mind being one of my greatest sources of bento inspiration! and yup, new cutter. my name is megan and i’m a bento addict.

21 02 2010
Lia Chen

Pretty and amazing colors! Never have a beautiful fried rice like yours. I like all the veggies and fruits that you put in this bento, specially the purple flowers WOW (^.^)

22 02 2010

thank you so much lia!

22 02 2010

Yum! Fried rice has to be one of the most versatile and easiest foods to make at any time. Though I make my rice differently, my egg goes in the pan first and gets scrambled. This is the way we made it in the chinese take away I worked in and how my boss taught me, so I still make it the same!
I have to admit, I’ve never had fried rice for breakfast, but I’m liking the sound of it, living in the UK we tend to stick to the more traditional toast/cereal route which for me some mornings just doesn’t agree, so I tjhink I will be trying this instead! Thanks Gamene!

22 02 2010

Oh, yum! Megan, one of our absolute fave breakfasts is also fried rice with veggies, eggs and leftover Szechuan goodies (including fish–YUM)–I love your approach to this always satisfying and soothing meal! Love the early crocus feel of your flower decoration, too!
Congrats on your beautiful new cutter–wow!

22 02 2010

thanks susan and jenn!

@susan, that’s very interesting that you do the eggs first! i will have to try it that way — i have a feeling there are no “rules” when it comes to fried rice, and that anything goes!

@jenn, ha, i’m so glad to hear you guys indulge in this for breakfast too!

22 02 2010
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23 02 2010

The fried rice looks delicious and I love the sweet potato flowers! Gorgeous bento as always!

8 09 2012
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