tofu keys bento

23 02 2010

tomorrow’s lunch was inspired by the new key-shaped cutter lucky sundae recently showed off.  i fell in love with the shape, but since i don’t have that cutter, i did it by freehand with a small paring knife.  i dredged my tofu keys in a bit of garlic and flour, and then pan-fried them until they were crispy and brown.  then i halved a scallion stalk and steamed both halves, making them pliable enough to loop through the keys.

i mixed my rice with some marumiya brand wakame, ume, and sesame furikake (the texture of this packet is chunky and actually contains some little bits of dehydrated ume that rehydrate when you mix it with steaming rice — yum!), and added broccoli (with a few sesame seeds), pea pods, carrots, grape tomatoes, and quail eggs to round out this bento.

it was a little rushed (and this picture is a little crooked!), but this week has been bonkers between client meetings, a brief going out the door thursday night, and my mad dash GRE studies.  can’t wait to catch up on everyone’s blogs and tweets this weekend!



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23 02 2010

Look at your handmade leaf picks; they are so fashionable! Lovely and unique bento! I tried to guess what you may have meant by “tofu keys” and imagined piano keys at first, but this is very cool! The color makes them look ancient and mysterious as well. The furikake sounds great, and is a fab way to make quick pretty rice; perfect for your on-the-go style.
You busy girl, I didn’t expect any bento from you after hearing how much you have going on in your life right now! Lucky for us we benefit from your artistic outlet too 🙂

23 02 2010

Seems like the busier you are the more creative you get! Very cool and what an innovative way to make leaf picks!

24 02 2010
Lia Chen

Agree with Sheri and Debra, the handmade leaf picks are cool! Rice mixing looks beautiful and what an idea for the twin keys. You still really creative even in your busy days 🙂

24 02 2010

Strangly enough this bento reminds me of the story The Secret Garden. I know the story has a different type of garden in it but the keys made me think of it. By the way good luck on the GRE. Hopefully you will be able to relax soon.

24 02 2010

A very creative and intriguing bento! Sherimiya’s comment about the tofu keys looking “ancient and mysterious” was spot on! The scallion knotted through the keys brings to mind an old temple on a serene and remote mountain. And the adorable handmade picks add that special gamene modern-sweet touch–excellent! Wishing you some pleasant respite in the near future!

24 02 2010

What made you think of keys?? 🙂 i would have never thought of that!!!

24 02 2010

thank you all, sheri, debra, lia, marisa, jenn and esther! thank you all for your creative encouragement during this stressful time 0_o

@sheri – haha, they DO look like antiques!
@marisa – secret garden is a great point of reference; i loved that story growing up!
@esther – another bentoist (much more talented than i, coming out with a book soon) recently bought a key-shaped cutter, and i got so covetous i tried to simulate the effect myself!

24 02 2010

Oh my, keys are such a great symbol! I love the shape and design ^-^ And they look soooo delicious!

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