wise owl bento

3 03 2010

WOO HOO, done with the GRE! wow, did that suck. i took the test this morning, and the part i thought would go well went perfectly, and the part that i thought would go badly went terribly — so, pretty much what i expected, on average. i did pick up a whole bunch of vocabulary words in the process of studying, though, so i thought i’d do a sagacious, erudite owl bento tonight.

my cheese-and-vegetarian-ham owl is sitting on top of black-and-white rice, which i spread in a thin layer over my standard spicy korean tofu. the top section of this box has a big strawberry, some blueberries and clementine segments, two grape tomatoes, a bunch of broccoli (topped with two purple potato leaves, falling from the tree where the owl lives), and some orange and yellow baby carrot sticks.

it’s so nice to be able to get back to bento…. i have a ton of catching up to do on everyone else’s blogs and flickr pics, and i can’t wait to see what everyone has been up to!

[as seen on beauty in everything]



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3 03 2010

Woh… cool leaf cutter!! Nicely done owl too! He does look erudite. Let’s hope you did better than you think, and well enough to make an impact on the school of your choice! Congrats on being done, and welcome back to bento!

3 03 2010

love the colours in this bento. haven’t seen yellow carrots be4, interesting.

4 03 2010

Aw this bento looks great! I love the owl! Congratulation of beeing done with your examination. Welcome back 😉

4 03 2010

dear gamene,
I love how you share the ebbs, flows, events of your busy life in your posts
–they are always fun and interesting to read and provide great context for your bentos! Congrats on being done with the GRE, and on this lovely, “sagacious” owl bento!

4 03 2010

thanks sheri, javapot, lil’chan and jenn! all your congrats mean the world to me — and i am sooooo relieved to be done and back to bento!

4 03 2010

I just adore this owl – and I know how studying gets in the way of bento! Well done on getting it done 🙂

4 03 2010
Susan Yuen

Megan! We missed you and your bentos! Congratulations on being done with the GRE. 🙂 The owl is very cute and such a gorgeous bento with all of the colors and the sweet potato leaves.

4 03 2010

I guess it was so so hard to take the examination. You’re great!
I’m glad to see your cute bento again!

4 03 2010

thanks lexi, susan and babykins! 😀

4 03 2010
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5 03 2010
Lia Chen

Missed to comment this after yesterday’s wi-fi trouble. You always managed food variations very well, so the colors always amazed me. Cute owl with all pretty purples things around, feel so calm 🙂

7 03 2010

thanks lia, glad the color palette had a calming effect on you… bet you needed it after wi-fi trouble! computer problems drive me NUTS! sorry you had to deal with that 0_o

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