ume ladybug bento

4 03 2010

a pretty quick and simple one tonight, since dinner was leftover bibimbap and for tomorrow’s lunch i had to make do with the extra rice and some stuff from my freezer bento stash.

my ladybug is an ume pressed into the rice and decorated with nori.  the ladybug is headed for a big carrot blossom, and the non-rice section of the box has a tamagoyaki slice, an edamame shumai, some sliced vegetarian chicken nugget, a tiny orange pepper, pea pods, kiwi slices and  half a strawberry.  i had some ladybug paper, so i used that as a background to compliment my ume ladybug.

i used a sesame leaf as a natural baran, laying it in the box, pressing my rice in, and then folding the edge of the leaf back over the rice.  don’t forget to enter your natural baran ideas into hapa bento’s BOMB (best of the month bento) comment thread!

[as seen on MSN japan]



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4 03 2010
hapa bento

Another point scored for “bento stash”. Yeah!
What a cutie patootie ladybug! Good idea and totally copycat worthy! 🙂 Thanks Megan for the BOMB shout out!

4 03 2010

debra, thank YOU for hosting the challenge – it’s always a great source of creative inspiration!

glad you like the ladybug, too 🙂

4 03 2010

Haha! Cute and adorable little ladybug, and a perfect foil for nori details! The ladybug paper is too cute too! And with the garden of delights springing forth, I can see why she’s headed over there to munch. Better hurry to beat her!

4 03 2010

haha you’re right sheri, i certainly don’t want her eating my chick-n nuggets! good thing i blockaded her with some extra kiwi slices before i closed the box 😉

4 03 2010

I love it! It’s so artful and perfect!

4 03 2010
Susan Yuen

Gorgeous bento!!! Your ladybug is adorable and looks like she’s heading on home to her beautiful garden. 😀 You have such a great eye for arranging your food so beautifully.

4 03 2010

thanks melanie and susan! i really appreciate your sweet comments – you’re making me blush!

4 03 2010

cute ladybug – definitely nimble fingers required!!

4 03 2010
Lia Chen

Cute ladybug on a pretty bento! Or should I say ladybugs because it seems like a lot of ladybug friends from the cute background too 😀

5 03 2010
Tata Bonita

Adorable ladybug! You did a great job for the details Megan, love it! 😀

5 03 2010

Lovely ladybug, beautiful bento, and your comment to sherimiya about the kiwi blockade made me laugh out loud! What a glorious prelude to spring!! Awesome and pure visual delight, gamene 🙂

6 03 2010
Kevin and Angie

This is adorable, creative and wonderful. We would love to feature this on our ladybug website under food ideas. If you have a chance check us out and let us know if this is OK with you.

6 03 2010
Ume Ladybug Bento – Bento Central

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6 03 2010

Wow, such a nice ladybug bento! The non-rice portion look just like a blosson srping garden! Thanks for sharing the idea of using sesame leaf as natural food baran,

7 03 2010

thank you all lia, tata, jenn, angie (A-OK to put on the site, thanks for having me 🙂 ), and kidsdreamwork!

18 01 2012
UME ladybug bento | The-Foodrecipes

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4 06 2012
ume ladybug bento | Bento Boxes

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