sleepy/grumpy teddy bento and new apartment giveaway!

18 05 2010

well, just as i suspected, catching up on my bento blog reading gave me some new ideas to try… one of the cutest things i saw over the last week was shoppingmum’s “blur teddy” sandwiches.  i decided to give this a try with onigiri.  i used two different sized round cutters instead of a small teddy cutter, and i used vegetarian ham instead of smoked cheese for the snout, but i think i achieved a similarly cute face — thanks for the tips, shoppingmum!

rounding out this box are some fried tofu slices, asparagus spears wrapped in cheese and vegetarian ham, blackberries on a flower pick, steamed broccoli, carrot flowers, tomatoes, jersey-fresh arugula, and a flower-shaped bottle filled with soy-vinegar sauce for the tofu.  do these flower accessories qualify me for this month’s BOMB theme?

— ♥ —

to celebrate having completed the hellish process of moving into my new, more bento-friendly apartment, i’m doing a giveaway!

to enter, just post a link in the comments to your favorite bento post (from your or someone else’s blog, or from bento central or just bento) that you’ve read over the past few weeks (it doesn’t have to be a new post, just something that inspired you or you revisited lately)… i need more ideas to help me get back in my bento groove!

1 entry per person per day, contest ends saturday at midnight EST, winner to be posted sunday.

what’s in the prize package?  i thought you’d never ask!  here’s a picture:

  • 1 two tier blue sheep box with french writing and aqua band, 670ml total
  • 1 v-color white two-tier box
  • 1 clickety click giant onigiri box, 780ml total
  • 1 480ml putifresh “muscat” box with matching fork (this is one of my favorite sizes and shapes, i have the muscat and the banana!)
  • 24 oval-shaped waxed paper okazu cups, sea life themed (tako, turtle, penguin, fish), plus 36 small round paper cups with fruit designs
  • 4 metal flower-shaped cutters (the same kind i used in my carrot flower tutorial)
  • egg and tomato-shaped mayo and ketchup bottles
  • clover and sakura baran
  • large round citrus fruits baran
  • 1 package of assorted bow, crown and top hat picks
  • 1 package of flower and leaf picks
  • 1 package of cute animal onigiri wrappers
  • 1 octo-dog cutter
  • 1 package each ume and shiso furikake
  • 1 purple wrapping cloth (furoshiki)
  • 1 package colored soy paper (not pictured above)

good luck… can’t wait to see what’s been inspiring you all!



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18 05 2010


Welcome back!! 😀 The bear is so adorable! What a yummy looking lunch 😀

Lia from bentolicious always gives me great bento inspiration!

18 05 2010


Hope all is well with the new pad….glad to have you back!

And OMG how cute is that bento! The onigiri looks so cleanly pressed and I love the contrast of the wrapped asparagus. And how fantastic is your giveaway??

This week I am digging Lia’s basket full of flowers!

18 05 2010


My favorite bento (from my blog) is the one I made for the contest of the spring bento 2009 :

18 05 2010
Andrea Bari
18 05 2010


I really liked this one, so very cute.

lol, looks like everyone so far has been ispired by bentolicious as well 🙂

18 05 2010


This mummy gave me so much ideas:)
she is really creative and helpful cause she always post tips on her blog too:)

here is one of her blog…steps by steps instrcutions:)
everybody can make bento now!

18 05 2010


cute little bear! and those cheese/ham/asparagus rolls look sooo delicious! yummy looking lunch. 🙂

i liked this bento a lot:

18 05 2010


Love the bear 🙂 Oh how I wish Rob would go for onigiri in his bento… I don’t envy you moving – so much work!

I have to go with this bento post becuase my hubby loves Star Wars and I now must get the cutters too! 🙂

18 05 2010


I love your bentos! This one is so cute. I just made my first rice bear and now I know how far I have to go yet! It is hard to choose one inspiration, I love so many and like how everyone has their own style.

I’ll say Pikko’s LOST bentos, she puts so much thought into everyone and her nori cutting talents are unbelievable! I would be thrilled to get anyone of these great items you have here!

18 05 2010
18 05 2010


I’m going to be totally egotistical and post a photo of my own. I was *just* browsing through my old photos and paused at this one – I think it’s one of my favorites! 🙂 Also, I have nice memories of a good day out with my little one from the day I made this bento, making it more special to me. 🙂

18 05 2010


those asparagus look so good!
i actually really like the carved flowers tutorial you did, i’ve been meaning to try it out soon!

18 05 2010


Woooo, incredible giveaway, megan! An awesome and fun selection of bento goodies, love how you are back with a such a wonderful, generous flourish 🙂

I found sherimiya’s recent “King Musubi” bento totally inspiring in its healthy, sweet, perfect charm!

18 05 2010
18 05 2010


Wow this bento looks so tasty. Believe it or not but I have never had tofu but yours look delish.

By the way congrats on winning the Kawaii Bento Club Contest.

As far as inspiration it’s been a hard pick because I am constatly inspired by so many but resently I did revisit a bento that inspried me to create my last bento and more things for my bento stash one being homemade tortillas and chips and that bento is my bento #5.

18 05 2010


Hello! Glad the move is over! Love the bento, especially the asparagus spears. Thanks for such a great giveaway. I read about a bento-related book, “The Decorative Art of Japanese Food Carving” on Sheri Chen’s blog back in October. Then Susan Yuen featured it recently too. I’m still holding out for the library copy before I buy it, but this food carving concept inspires me. Additionally, I love both of their blogs as well!

18 05 2010


congrats on moving! I like this bento because it’s so simple yet tasty and cute.

18 05 2010
Nick VandenBroek


I would love the chance to win these great bento items. I have been trying to get started in bentos and look to your blog along with Happy Little Bento and mombento’s blog for inspiration and ideas. As for my favorite so far, it would have to be Happy Little Bento’s Panda Rice Bento. I like her use of space in the bento box.

18 05 2010


That is such a cute sleepy/grumpy teddy! =D

I like this bento post:

It got me into making sushi for the first time and it was really yummy.

18 05 2010


Mine is easy: Jenn’s (Bento For Kidlet) Star Wars bento:
She has a wonderful way of making an ordinary sandwich something special every day for her boy. But the Star Wars cutters are awesome beyond words for those of us without the drawing skills!!

18 05 2010


My toddler ADORES Finding Nemo so this bento would have her over the moon!

18 05 2010


favorite bento post?!?! seriously, you want me to pick one? they are ALL inspiring. I love the B.O.M.B. posts/entries @ hapa, Sheri’s bentos @ Happy Little Bento, and YOURS! Always inspiring to see what others are doing.

18 05 2010


Thanks for the link to my post! 🙂
And yes, that’s a cute teddy expression too. LOL!
Here’s one of my favorite posts:
I’m using that flower idea for my bento.

18 05 2010


Such a cute teddy! 🙂

I’m glad you’re bento-ing again.

It’s hard to pick my favorite bento posts. There are so many. I love reading hapabento, Hawai’i’s Bento Box, and yours! Here’s one of my faves from Hawai’is Bento Box blog:

Happy Bento Box Making!

18 05 2010
18 05 2010


Hey, we are both holding some giveaway contest to celebrate something, yay! 😀

First of all, your sleepy teddy looks really cute, the eyes are like being hypnotized!

As for bento blog that always inspired me, every piece of my blogger friends’ creation are inspirations to me. I particularly like this bee bento from e-obento

19 05 2010


As I was reading through what others said, I came across this bento
that I really want to do because my husband and son LOVE star wars, and I happened upon those cookie cutters this past weekend and immediately bought them. They are sitting on my counter waiting for me to open them. Now I have a great idea besides cookies for them. That makes the purchase even better!

19 05 2010


As per usual, this reminds me that I don’t have to make every little bit of everything in my bento cute. A few touches here for there make it appealing, and it’s simple enough that I can do it every day without burning out.

Just something I need to think about every so often…

19 05 2010


Love your cute bear! And this giveaway is just amazing!

As I might have already said, I am new to bento making so many people (including you) have been inspiring me over the past few months.
Still I think that the first bento which really inspired me was the one Yuki made for the BentoandCo, Justbento, Frenchbento spring contest:
#5 - 059_Yuki_springbento

I was totally fascinated by how she had carved the apple.

Later on I saw your post about carved flowers and I just though “OMG I have to try this!”. And this is what I did! Bought a new knife and made them. I have even been documenting on the Internet and I have tried radish carving!
Bento 6: sandwich fleuri

I love how bento making becomes everyday easier by acquiring more technique (even though I am just beginning to learn!).
Next step: apple carving! Yeah let’s go!

19 05 2010


have found lots of inspiring bentos on everyone’s blogs lately, but here is one that myself and my children particularly enjoyed from Lia Chen of Bentolicious:

In our family we have a thing for hens. There are lots of ideas you can pick up from your fellow bentoers and it’s not always the obvious things that stick in my mind. For instance, apart from loving the cute design I liked the way that the meal was well balanced. There’s a lot of food in those two tiers! and all of it is very nutritious. The cuteness is an added bonus and not the main focus of the meal preparation.

19 05 2010


So glad you’re back!

I love this bento:

19 05 2010


not that she makes amazing bentos but i’ve known this girl for a while and i can imagine her making the bento. sometimes its not the amazingly cute things that are packed in the box, its who packs it as well, a box full of bubblyness. yums. X)

dont say i never try, angelene! Xp

19 05 2010


Your bento box is lovely! I love that it’s vegetarian as well. I think the bento that inspired me the most before I got started a month or so ago was the Katamari Damaci bento seen here: Truly amazing! I hope someday I have the time and get the skills to put together something that intricate.

The box I had the most fun putting together so far was little onigiri chicks in noodle nests. It was the first time I tried making a character type bento, and it was fun and messy! Can be seen here: It’s not great by any means, it was only the 5th box I’d attempted, but it tasted delicious and made me want to try more new things and make each one better.

19 05 2010


Keep up the good work!

my next entry would be THIS..

another mom who sacrificed so much for his lil son’s birthday celebration:)

19 05 2010


This is one of my favorites from awhile ago:

It’s a heart-healthy bento box; I love how the colors coordinate so well and everything looks delicious!

19 05 2010


I really like Susan Yuen’s Hello Kitty Soft Taco Bento:

I love how she shapes the flour tortillas into Hello Kitty-shaped heads and all the fixings she put into a Hello Kitty bento box! It’s adorable and delicious-looking!

19 05 2010


Hi!! thanks for the giveaway!!

19 05 2010


Woot! What a giveaway! My favorite RECENT post is from Pikko. It’s her review of Susan’s new bento cookbook and a cute bento. One can’t help but “feel the creative juices flowing” after reading this informative article.

19 05 2010


Awesome prize package- I’m new to the world of Bento and don’t have a whole lot of stuff yet (just today received my first shipment of onigiri shapers, vegetable cutters and sauce bottles), so that prize package looks like a real treasure trove to me. I’m entering! 😀

I just a few minutes ago bookmarked this recipe for Shuumai Dumplings from Just Bento- I’m trying to find recipes my boyfriend will eat, as he’s not too sure on what he likes just yet, but knows that he would enjoy a hot/heatable Bento more than he would anything else. Thank goodness he’s willing to be my guinea pig, lol!

19 05 2010


I love this tutorial on bunny sushi, so cute. I want to try this next in my bento box

19 05 2010


I guess I should promote my own bentos first 😀
Covered in carrot hearts–a slightly springy-tasting bento

19 05 2010


Honestly, your post on carved carrot is something I’ve referred back to several times already – – Thanks for the tutorial!

And these are two of my favorite bentos I’ve made:


19 05 2010


From the venerable, a great recipe for veg. rice burgers (a la Mos Burger in Japan):

They’re delicious, and a new/different way to package your nutrients!

19 05 2010


I’m new to the whole bento thing, so my boxes aren’t quite as cute as the ones that I see posted. I did however, get a shaped sandwich cutter after reading this post on one of my other favorite bento blogs, An American in Bento. You probably already have cutters for sandwiches, but that’s what helped start my cuter box making.

19 05 2010


I just took over CollegeBento for another designer that got too busy to regularly post, and I made my first post today! I don’t think you’ll find much inspiration there yet though, but I’ll try to provide some in time. ^_^

For inspiration from somewhere else until I can get some interesting stuff up, I’ve been totally into Cooking with Dog lately and can’t get enough of the video for hiyashi chuka noodles: I take noodle dishes often in winter, but these are perfect for warm weather. Plus, with the sesame oil coating the noodles they shouldn’t get clumped up in a bento.

19 05 2010


That’s an awesome bento and wow, what a giveaway!

My favorite bento post so far from mombento: Bento #54 Domo Kun.

I think it brings my inner nerdiness 🙂

19 05 2010

That one is awesome because it has some delicious looking pizza. mmm, my favorite food.

Katie, cooking with dog is amazing! i love that show.

20 05 2010


I’m no bento master, but do enjoy making fun lunches for my kids. This is one I think of as one of my personal best …

20 05 2010


ah … i need a little bit of good luck with exams now! stresss…

can’t believe im back here 2 days in a row trying to win this. but all i want is the bento 2 level box with strap. T.T”

20 05 2010


If you can read mandarin..This post is AWESOME!
Lovely cake made with cheese:))

Keep up your good work too:)

20 05 2010


Hi Megan! “Onnea Uuteen Kotiin!” ( < Congrats/g´luck for the new home) .
So super awesome giveaway, thanks so much for the opportunity!

My favorite not-so-recent post comes from kitchenhime blog. I´ve been trying to get back to "origins" of bentomaking and she makes very simple but yet elegant meals (mainly for her husband). This particularly one, with chicken teriyaki is so mouthwatering and beautiful!
The blog is in japanese, but still, it is possible to get lots of inspiration 😉

20 05 2010

oops, I was thinking about yakitori but I wrote “teriyaki”. It is chicken yakitori with veggies and fruits. Sorry :/

20 05 2010


Thanks for hosting this contest!
I love how Sheri Chen uses her M4SB like here:


20 05 2010


I love this bento and I love give away hehehe. Okay, I hope my favorite HK bento can inspire hehehe:

20 05 2010


I was looking through bento posts this morning when I came across this one:

Char Siu Chicken Bento! The color of the chicken is mercurochrome due to some powdered Chinese BBQ sauce. I really like how it stands out in color, especially in contrast to the broccolini, peas, and carrots.

20 05 2010
Paula L.


I like this post by EverythingMom: Lots of links and ideas.
Thanks for the giveaway!
ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

20 05 2010


Thanks for doing this! You’re awesome =D Hope you like your new apartment!

How cute is this?

It was definitely fitting for the Year of the Tiger. I love the Tiger sandwich bento though. I wish mine could come out to be as realistic looking as Susan’s! And the beef stew…yum! I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!

20 05 2010


Here’s another of mine–when I look at it I remember that packaging is just as important as presentation. i.e. make sure that lunch looks as good when you eat it as when you pack it.

20 05 2010


I see this a lot on other bento blog, but didn’t know how to do it. This tutorial is really descriptive and easy to learn.

20 05 2010


I love his little face!
My favourite recent post has been Bentobird’s Taurus bento:
I love the colours, accessories and the sound of the delicious food!

20 05 2010


X) this is the first time i see a bento box fillled with bake cupcakes and cookies. i want to try to bake things and fill it into a bento one day! wishlist!

20 05 2010
Giveaway at bento zen! – Bento Central

[…] is celebrating her new, more bento-friendly kitchen with a huge bento giveaway… head over to bento zen to enter! Share and […]

20 05 2010


Hmm… my favorite bento, uh? I don’t think there really is one, but I really liked this one:
It is simple, adorable, and looks absolutely delicious! Just like I want my bentos to be 😀

20 05 2010
Spring Flowers Sandwich Bento #88 « Hawai`i's Bento Box Cookbook, Bentos and More for Kids

[…] Bento Zen- New Apartment Giveaway […]

20 05 2010


I am liking this Jack Shepherd Bento, courtesy of

It is very creative and I can’t believe how amazingly realistic it looks!

20 05 2010


I like to see things presented in new ways, so I’m thrilled to see this in my RSS inbox:

It’s helpful to learn how to adapt familiar recipes into portable versions!

20 05 2010
20 05 2010

mamegoma eggs!!! how come i can never think of how to make cute things!

20 05 2010

66 I like this one though it’s not exactly bento related. It basically explains how americans have lost a sense of how big portions are, and that a bento box gives you a 3d limit to how much food you can eat for a given meal. this is my other favorite one. I love bears, they’re way cute.

21 05 2010


i try this an I love this Idea:

21 05 2010


so simple to make, but intresting

21 05 2010


CHECK this out:)

super duper creative:)
Though it’s in mandarin, and if u cant read mandarin, dun worry, because she has put pictures in it..step by step! wheeEee:)

21 05 2010


I like Susan’s sushi from the following link

This is the great idea, very unique and original + yummy + do-able + cute

21 05 2010


It’s so hard to pick. There are all so unique and adorable. But I thought this one was extra cute and adorable. This is from Pikko, Adventure’s in Bentomaking

21 05 2010


I never learned French in school but l love reading and especially watching the entries of French Bento. This is one of my favourites:

21 05 2010


Here’s something I made some time ago that brings a smile to my face every time I see it:

It makes me want to rush to the kitchen and let my imagination go free ^^

21 05 2010


It’s an old one – but I love, love, love this chocobo bento!!

21 05 2010


I love how “beary” cute this is!

Simple, but adorable, especially for kids.

21 05 2010


This was awhile ago, but I love how Susan incorporates SPAM into making cute, little woodland creatures. Here, she makes them into bunny musubi.

I seriously need to get some bento boxes and molds and start making cute bentos too!

21 05 2010


I love eating sesame chicken and dumplings. I found this post once and remembered afterwards, headed straight to the kitchen. I like how there are so many delicious food items in just one small box – chicken, chive dumplings, broccoli, and a musubi! And I really like that rice ball case, it looks awesome!

21 05 2010


X( looking at this malaysian blogger’s bento makes me miss home (malaysia)

21 05 2010


This post inspires me to remember that even though I am a left-overs-for-bento-type queen, it’s not that hard to cook things fresh and especially just for your bento:

21 05 2010
Mrs. P


I really enjoy Susan Yuen’s bento making. I especially like the one she made for the news station. looks delicious too!

21 05 2010


Moving is hell. I know the feeling. But you know what they say,
if you’re going through hell, keep on going!

When I first started bentoing, I read everything on Just Bento before I even purchased a box. I still think it’s incredible resource! She answers questions that I would be afraid to ask (for fear of looking stupid). Like …

Cuuuute Teddy!

21 05 2010
21 05 2010


I have to say, your carved carrot entry is one of my favorite recent bento blg posts. They are so beautiful and simple! Love it!

22 05 2010


aww … gourmet food in a bento, brilliant! X(

*hungry* X(((((

22 05 2010


This bento is so SPRING themed:)

Awww…loving the weather..Spring is here, flowers are blooming..The creator is just AWESOME! Thank God for flowers:) Thank God for creativity to make bento:) and thank God for giveaways like this! *happy*

22 05 2010


This is one of my bentos I really like:
It was the first time I used my M4SB.

22 05 2010


Wow! Lots of new stuff for your bento making!
And the little bear is so cute! >w<

22 05 2010


I was browsing bento posts this morning and then I suddenly remembered a favorite of mine that I saw awhile back was one of yours!

I love the giraffe, especially how you made the spots with soy paper – it’s so creative! And it definitely doesn’t look like a duck to me!

22 05 2010


I am loving this bento:

I love how realistic the sea creatures are and the dyed white rice. And the coral. And just about everything! It’s a fantastic bento.

22 05 2010

i like!!! X) happyness in a box.

22 05 2010

Haha! lily’s sea bento is awesome! X)) someone should pour formalin on it and preserve it for eternity! Xp

22 05 2010


Yeah, I like that sea bento too 🙂

This is one of my faves too: Yum, I love spam musubi and fishcake! And eggs too, can’t forget those!

22 05 2010


hi, i am rather new to bento making, but this entry on luxirare on bento box was amazing! i though her way of making a bite size salad wrap was ingenious and i cannot wait to try it out. perhaps with rice paper rolls or something similar?

22 05 2010


wee … this is all so creative! i like! X)

22 05 2010


So many awesome ideas here! Is the contest still going?

I think this is fantastic:

Calvin and Hobes are awesome.

22 05 2010
Heather Harper


I loved this one from Hapa Bento.

I really liked the idea of sun dried olives. Yum! I would love to have this bento for lunch.

22 05 2010
Dawn Lange


Well, I haven’t searched too many websites or blogs yet, but I love this post because the author (bento maker) was SO excited with some new accessories that she had to use them all in one bento box!! The accessories are so beautiful and the box looks great

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