confetti rice bento

8 09 2010

tired work nights call for quick, easy meals; it’s no surprise that fried rice is one of my favorites. this batch has everything but the kitchen sink (leftovers from the last few weeks of summer produce): red and yellow peppers, serrano chiles, mushrooms, kosher hot dogs, spanish onion, kimchi, and zucchini, plus freshly-ground black pepper, soy sauce, gochujang, and a bit of sesame oil for flavor. the boyfriend hates peas and carrots, so i added a few of those, plus some takuwan strips, on top (rather than mixing in, which would mean he couldn’t pick them out) — i think the scattered effect looks a bit like festive confetti.

the rest of the box has steamed broccolini, cucumber sticks sprinkled with black sesame seeds, a fried quail egg, and a grape tomato. for dessert, i have a sidecar with green and champagne grapes, plus beautiful early-fall raspberries from my CSA share, garnished with a bit of mint.  that’s it; no fancy decorations this time (save for one pick), just a quick transformation of leftovers into a reasonably appealing lunch for tomorrow.

i need to take ruby on one more walk tonight, and then i’ll probably fall asleep watching the giants game.  g’night bento pals!



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8 09 2010

Love this tiffin! Used it myself today too! Also love the go-to nature of fried rice. Can’t beat it for convenience and innate yumminess with no extra effort required. Like you, I love the fried egg on top.
Super duper cute wing pick!!
Just adore.

9 09 2010

I think it looks lovely, and is that a wooden spork I see?

9 09 2010

So savory-flavorful your confetti rice, this will be one delish lunch! Love the vitamin power and rainbow colors of this bento, sweet angel wing accent…the mint-berry conbo is a ladylike and refreshing finish.

Eeeeek, Ruby is one adorable puppy!!

9 09 2010

Looks amazing. Love all the colors and textures you mixed together..yumm!

9 09 2010

Gasp! Your lovely blossom-cut carrtos always take my breath away. So dainty-cute!
I agree with your approach to bento-packing after a long day’s work. But I can’t tell by the looks of your stylish arrangement that you were tired.

9 09 2010

Happy to see you back! I love fried rice, too. Especially kimchi rice!!
I secretly hate carrots, too lol! Your boyfriend is a lucky guy. Very festive bento! 😀

13 09 2010
Lia Chen

I am so late to give comment for this wonderful bento. Your bento creation always so perfect and so detail in everything! You sure did a great job even though you had tired day 🙂

13 09 2010

I love the details. Very cute!! ^_^

15 09 2010

Looking yummy! I love the fried quail’s egg…looks so adorable and just adds that little bit of cuteness to this bento:)

19 09 2010

thanks to you all, sheri, lisa, jenn, steph, debra, babykins, lia, melanie and mils!

♥♥♥ i so appreciate your supportive comments, even if i don’t always respond in a timely fashion! ♥♥♥

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