“strawb-inari” bento

15 09 2010

we’re still getting temperatures in the 70s this week, but i have a feeling it’s the last dose of summery weather.  so let’s have one “last hurrah” summer bento, no?

three inari pockets filled with furikake rice and topped with beni shoga and edamame, steamed broccolini, fried chicken with a lemon slice, a baby tomato with a lovely “jewel” pick (from a sweet friend — thank you!), and a few lemon-peel swirls make a simple chilled lunch for tomorrow.  i added a few sweet, summery strawberry accents:  printed wax paper, a little berry-shaped baran, and a vintage embroidered napkin.

starting at a new job has meant a bunch of lunch dates with new colleagues over the past week, but i’m hoping to be more regular with my posting soon.



13 responses

15 09 2010

Aw, love the edamame butterflies! Those jewel picks are gorgeous~! Enjoy your summery weather! I’m trying to squeeze every ounce of summer out of these last few days myself! Inari sounds perfect…

15 09 2010
Lia Chen

Well presented as always! You are so perfect in choosing every details … Really enjoy to see this picture. Love what you did with edamame 🙂

15 09 2010

Looks delish and love all the strawberry accents on the paper and napkin too.

16 09 2010

Very cute!

16 09 2010

Gorgeous as usual Megan!
I’m off to Google Beni Shoga, haven’t a clue what it is!

16 09 2010

Just googled and now I’m educated 🙂

16 09 2010
Susan Yuen

Megan! I have missed your posts! Love the strawb-inari bento, it’s beautiful. 🙂

16 09 2010

Beautiful. And the bento-bling pick…it’s simply gorge!

17 09 2010

Love the strawb-inari bento especially the endamame butterflies! So creative!

17 09 2010

Love the artistic way you’ve explored strawberry vintage charm here! Have a great and refreshing weekend 🙂 Looking forward to new and always beguiling bentos from you!

19 09 2010

This bento is both lovely and yummy Megan. As Susan did, I have educated myself about Beni Shoga by googling it hehehe. Yup, I’m so thrilled with MotoGP this season, but Jorge has to be careful since Dani is going to be wild LOL. As the very bad news, the horrible accident that happened to Shoya Tomizawa has created a big condolence for us as MGP fans.

19 09 2010

you’ve filled this difficult shaped box beautifully – Looks very yummy! Good luck in the new job 🙂

19 09 2010

thanks so much for all of your sweet comments, sheri, lia, steph, lisa, arkonite susan, susan y., debra, kidsdreamwork, jenn, tata and mils! sorry for my late response 0_o

@ susan and ta, yum, i love beni shoga, hope you get to try it (or have already been enjoying it and just didn’t know the name!)

@ sheri and kidsdreamwork, didn’t think of them as butterflies, but loving that concept!

@ ta, that was so horrible with tomizawa, he was so young, it’s terrible. i hope they improve safety precautions so there are no more tragedies!!

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