milk bread bento

27 09 2010

have you ever heard of milk bread?  well, i hadn’t — that is, until last week’s visit to paris baguette, a new bakery in koreatown.  i saw the softest, fluffiest loaves of bread ever, labeled 우유식빵, literally, “milk bread.” the green loaf has green tea in it, and tastes slightly sweeter, but both are like a more decadent, moister, thicker version of wonder bread.  growing up, my mom never stocked our house with white bread, so occasionally it’s a real treat for me.

i cut two slices of white and one of green each in half, and made three half-sandwiches with some basic egg salad (just boiled eggs, mayonnaise, gulden’s deli mustard, salt, pepper and garlic powder) and, in the white halves, frilly lettuce.  this box just barely holds these puffy sammies, but there was room for four pretty pear-shaped baby tomatoes.

a sidecar filled with red and yellow raspberries, a halved lady apple, and kiwi berries completes this super simple work-day lunch.



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27 09 2010

Never had it, but now I must! Love the idea of tea bread! Very sweet sandwich bento!

28 09 2010

thanks sheri! i’m resorting to all my quick work-night meals, haha: fried rice, kimbap, sammies! the tea bread was great, reminded me of the matcha pop-up shop from this summer 🙂

27 09 2010

So charming! I love the generous softness of this bento and all the inviting, nostalgic, happy tones and textures of this edible compostion…the piquant red row of tomatoes in front is just darling 🙂

28 09 2010

thanks jenn! the sammies are soooooo soft, not really something i’m used to in a sandwich, but a welcome change! 😀

27 09 2010
Lia Chen

Your bento looks so perfect! Love your two tones sammies with a small colorful box of fruits. So precious!! (^.^)

28 09 2010

thanks lia! this one was so simple there were no decorations for me to mess up!! sometimes simple is sweet, though 😉

28 09 2010

Milk bread sounds intriguing! The whole bento looks fantastic 🙂 Yum!

28 09 2010

thank you heather! i hope you can find some to try!

29 09 2010

love love love it! they all look SO amazingly yummy and fun!

30 09 2010

thanks doodle 🙂 miss you!

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