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1 11 2010

hey everybody!  my apologies for going off the grid during the past couple of weeks… i was on a crazy wedding diet, and i couldn’t eat delicious bento, so looking at all of your mouth-watering creations became torture for me, and i had to just bow out of the bentosphere for a little while.

i’m back, and i’m a mrs.! woo hoo!  my stomach is still regaining its full capacity after the home stretch of basically starving myself to try to fit into my wedding dress, so i’m still packing fairly small lunches this week.  but it’s so nice to have carbs again!  rice, pizza, noodles, potatoes, yum!

tomorrow’s lunch has two brown rice onigiri mixed with vegetable furikake and topped with takuwan maple leaves, as well as a vine tomato and some mixed fall veggies (eggplant, pumpkin, and mushrooms).  we saw so much beautiful fall foliage on our mini-honeymoon this past weekend, so the maple leaves were inspired by those views.   i hope to be able to post some city hall wedding and hudson valley honeymoon pictures soon!




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1 11 2010


1 11 2010

congrats and look forward to your wedding pics and perhaps details of your honeymoon! ;p

1 11 2010

Congrats megan!
So glad you can bento and eat again, heh. I love the Hudson River Valley; what a wonderful place to honeymoon. Best of everything to you both 😀
Love your slender lil’ bento , just oozing autumn.

1 11 2010

WooOO that’s a fantastic news hooray!! Congratulations MRS. Megan! 😀
I’m really happy for you♪♪♪ I want to see the pictures SOON!! 🙂

1 11 2010
Emily Ng

Congratulations, megan!!! Wishing you a happy marriage and hoping that your
life together will be rich in joy and love.
Looking forward for the photos!! ^.^

2 11 2010

Congratulations on your wedding!!! Many, many happy years to you and your hubby. Looks like a perfect bento back 🙂

2 11 2010
Lia Chen

WOW! Congrats Megan on your wedding! Wish you both just the very best in your future together with lots of love. Beautiful bento with a great news 🙂

2 11 2010

yay! Congratulations megan!! I wish you every happiness for the future xx

2 11 2010

Congratulations Megan! I’m happy you’re back and even happier to know why you could not post! Wish you all the best!

2 11 2010

Congratulations on the big day!!!!!!! That is so exciting, it’s nice to see you back in bento though 🙂 I wish you a wonderfully happy marriage!

2 11 2010

Wow, congrats Megan!!! This is really a big news! 😀

2 11 2010

Congratulations! Glad to see you back, and hope you had a wonderful time 🙂 The leaves on your bento are so vibrant.

2 11 2010

Congratulations! Hope you enjoy getting back into yummy bento-making and eating. 🙂

2 11 2010
Mrs. P

Congrats on being a Mrs! and YAY for being able to eat again!!

2 11 2010

Wow, congrats Megan, soooo happy for you!!! Heartfelt wishes for your lasting joy! An autumn wedding in the Hudson River Valley–perfection, can’t wait to see the pictures!

Gorgeous fall bento with great textures, verve and richness. Can’t wait to see more as you return to the bentosphere!

3 11 2010

CONGRATS Megan!!!!
May you have a blissful marriage!!!!

Lovely bento and I especially love the background with dried maple leafs!

4 11 2010

congratulations!! how exciting!!!!!!!!!! =)

4 11 2010

Congratulations! ^_^

5 11 2010

Congrats! What exciting new. The pics of the wedding are amazing. You make a lovely couple and totally rock those amazing shoes! Here’s to Happily Ever After.

5 11 2010

Heartfelt congratulations to you and the Mr.! No more “the boyfriend” moniker. LOL
You know…I had a hunch that’s what was going on. 🙂
Wishing you a lifetime of happiness.

19 11 2010
Susan Yuen

Oh my gosh Megan, where in the world have I been??? Congratulations!!! You must have been a gorgeous bride. I can’t wait to see your wedding pics!!! 🙂

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