farm sandwich bento

4 11 2010

did i mention how excited i am to eat bread again?!

this past weekend during our hudson valley jaunt, we visited the farm center at blue hill at stone barns, where we checked out turkeys, hens, pigs and sheep, and ate delicious open-face sandwiches at the cafe.  the crisp autumnal setting and seasonal farm-to-table fare at the cafe inspired this farm-style lunch.

my sandwiches are made on some hearty whole-grain/pecan bread, with farm-grown tomatoes (which we picked up at stuart’s fruit farm), frilly lettuce, and thick slices of creamy brie.

alongside this rustic sandwich i have a petal-cut deviled egg half, and a cute baby apple with a lemon slice.

happy weekend everybody!



10 responses

4 11 2010

What an appetizing summer picnic lunch! Did you also manage to go back in time and bring back summer with you? Neat, snug and healthily substantial. Welcome back to the land of the carbeaters :o)

4 11 2010

That looks amazing!! Perfect lunch to get yourself back into eating bread 🙂

5 11 2010
Emily Ng

Oh, so yummy! These sandwich really makes me drooling >.<
Just by looking at the pictures I can imagine how delicious it is!
Happy weekend too!

5 11 2010
Lia Chen

Always presented so well, so perfect! Love the bamboo box, looks so classic yet so elegant. Have fun this weekend Megan 🙂

5 11 2010

Now I want a bamboo box! *stomps foot and pouts* 🙂

Lovely presentation as always Megan! This is a sandwich for the ages.

5 11 2010

Ah, an autumn poem of a sandwich and darling bento! Lovely and flavorful in every detai! Brie on dark bread, yes indeed ! Beautifully styled, with textiles and accessories that sing of fall and cozy delight, megan! 🙂

7 11 2010
Norah Nick

That looks so cute and so tasty! What a creative idea, yet so simple!

8 11 2010

Oh wow, this so refreshing and delicious! Love the colour so much!

14 11 2010

wow, you make even a simple sandwich look so beautiful! Love this!

6 01 2011

I could eat brie All. Day. Long.

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