japchae frogs bento

17 11 2010

sorry for the sporradic posting, there have been a lot of random salad-in-tupperware, sandwich-in-ziploc-bag, and overpriced-to-go-from-the-concourse lunches lately.  nothing wrong with the first two though they’re not particularly photogenic; the latter is one of the main reasons i started making bento in the first place ($12 for a vegetarian sandwich and soup is just outrageous!).  so i’m really trying to get back into the swing of things, and tomorrow’s lunch is a start.

i had leftover japchae from sunday dinner that needs to be used up before it turns, so i decided to use that as a bed for two kiwi “lily pads” and quail egg frogs, inspired by these cute guys i saw a while back on luckysundae’s blog.  i used peas and sesame seeds for eyes, whereas hers appear to be cheese, but i hope they’re similarly cute.

in the back section, i have some lovely winter plum slices, a vine-ripe mini-tomato, one takuwan gingko leaf, a steamed broccoli floret, some pumpkin sections (i had roasted a whole bunch and then threw some in the freezer, so i all i needed to do with these was defrost), and a frozen product from the korean grocer that i’m trying for the first time — it’s called 김 마리, and it’s some sort of glass noodles mixed with veggies, wrapped with nori, and then deep fried (i am a strong subscriber to the philosophy that a little deep fried once in a while is good for the soul!).

this will probably be one of the last times i get to use this nifty metal box — i’ve used it so much that it’s been banged against hard things in my bag, and the lid has become a bit dented, meaning that it doesn’t seal as tightly anymore.  that makes me nervous when it comes to saucy (or in this case, sesame oil-y) foods, and so with my next paycheck i’m hoping to spring for one of the beautifully-made aizawa stainless boxes at bento & co., like this zen 01.



14 responses

17 11 2010

Loving the japchae, and the cool frog dudes hanging out there! The nori-wrapped thingies looks yum too!
That definitely is one classic looking zen 01 and a good choice to replace this sturdy ol’ workhorse. Though this oval shape is still my favorite, so pleasingly fluid. Wonderful!

17 11 2010

hahaha…these 2 frogs are too cute to be eaten! Love those 2 leaves too!

18 11 2010
Lia Chen

Jap Chae is our favorite too! I smiled when I saw you cute froggies … they are so cute. Love their green peas eyes and kiwi lili pads. Everything at the back of the box are so colorful and looks yum! 🙂

18 11 2010

Love the idea of the kiwi pads! And this roasted pumpkin is really tempting!

18 11 2010

I think the frogs are super cute, I love the peas! Bento shopping is always a blast, Can’t wait to see what you make in a new box!

18 11 2010

wow if these froggies arent the most adorable thing, i dont know what is. Great job!!! And very creative.

18 11 2010

So So cute. I still can’t find quail eggs here, but at first I thought they were fresh mozzarella balls – maybe I’ll try a version of these cute little guys. It’s scary when you add up how much convenience foods cost.

18 11 2010

Very cool froggies! Love how they seem to be thinking “hey, we are waaay better than those generic, overpriced 12 dollar lunches”–and indeed they are, with style and charm to spare! Thanks for the bright happy moment of discovering a new gamene bento creation this evening :))

19 11 2010
Susan Yuen

Heehee the froggies are so cute!!! Love their beady green eyes. 🙂

20 11 2010

I loved the little frogs and the lily-pads ^_^. One friend of mine calls me “lily-pad” and seeing your bento made me smile 🙂

22 11 2010

The frogs are so cute, and love the way you use kiwi for the leaves for them to rest on (they are leave right?)!!

9 12 2010

So pretty! I miss your daily posts, but will take whatever you give us! 🙂

12 01 2011

Cute frogs it makes me save them for the last bites. Lovely bento, feast for the eyes and tummy. I like them.

24 02 2011

Is it meant to be a quickly done bento! No way! They are so cute! Hope you do manage to continue posting eventhough your concourse.

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