hello kitty bunnies bento

27 03 2011

tomorrow’s lunch has two HKs wearing bunny costumes.  a sweet bento pal sent me the hats and bows pick set over the summer, and after seeing a few great HK bentos by sheri where she used these bows, i’ve been saving them up for my interpretation of our favorite sanrio kitty friend! the faces are made from cheese, nori, sesame seeds, and yellow soy paper, and the bunny costumes are made from pink egg sheet.  i used lia’s fab tutorial for making the egg sheet — straining is the key to a smooth texture!

the rest of my lunch consists of several nice-sized pieces of the battered cod we made for saturday night dinner (after a trip to a local fish market), steamed broccoli, a few steamed purple potato slices, and the usual mini-pepper and vine tomato.  there is a small container of tartar sauce for the fish that isn’t pictured here.

the bento4japan auctions are still going strong — we have raised more than $2000 since we started!  new items are still being added regularly, including generous donations from our favorite online bento vendors… like this adorable shinzi katoh snack-sized box from kir devries!   such a sweet design from a well-known japanese zakka artist… if you don’t bid on it, i just might, haha!

also, just bento’s maki recently posted about the flow of information regarding the japanese disaster, the importance of responding rationally, and ways to help.  this is a great (and important) read, so please check that out too.



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27 03 2011

OMG! How adorable is that! I love how you got the pink color just right…can’t stop staring at it…and l love characters in costumes 🙂

27 03 2011

thanks mils! this was exactly 1.5 drops of food coloring for 2 egg whites. (used the scraps in my breakfast sandwich, haha). i love animals dressed as other animals too!! i wasn’t bentoing around halloween-time this year, but next halloween i’m gonna go crazy with that kind of thing!

27 03 2011

So fun and cheering! I’m actually not big on H-kitty but… want THIS! Your egg sheet is always perfect (like Lia’s). And I love sauteed (or fried) cod. What flavor is that yellow rice?

I feel grateful for you guys’ thoughts and efforts all the time!

27 03 2011

thanks so much izumi! this is my first HK bento, i’m not a *huge* fan either, but everyone has a soft spot for a little HK once in a while, right? i can’t take any credit for the egg sheets, everything i know i learned from lia! the yellow rice just has a bit of turmeric powder in it… didn’t want to go too heavy and overpower the cod!

28 03 2011

Beautiful! I’m in awwww(e) over the perfectly made HK bunnies–they look so glossy, smooth and professional! Turmeric is a great (and healthy) rice tint! Happy Monday, thanks for sharing this delightful bento art 😀

28 03 2011

thanks so much jenn… wow, professional, don’t know about that, but always appreciate your compliments! the egg sheet *did* come out a bit glossy, i think it’s the cornstarch, and the fact that only one side is cooked on the pan (the top just steams). and of course you like turmeric — you are my favorite spice queen!

28 03 2011
Sonoma Bento

This came out fantastic! I use Lia’s method for egg sheet too, but I have yet to get the temperature just right to make it work. 🙂 I am so excited about how well the Bento4Japan auction is going. I think I will try to put up one more auction with my fun bento box felt bands. Gotta get out the crafting supplies! 🙂

28 03 2011

thanks for your comment michele! this was the first time i got the temperature just right too, i think it was a fluke.

your bento bands are soooo cute, i hope you do put more up!

29 03 2011
Lia Chen

Adorable! I love Hello Kitty since I was a kid. Although my Hello Kitty shopping is for my daughter now … hehehe good excuse 😉 I was learning the egg sheet from bento book, so I think I can’t take the credit too. But thanks a lot to mention Megan 🙂

29 03 2011

nice to have a sweet daughter you can buy fun stuff for :o) maybe you didn’t *invent* the egg sheet method lia, but without your careful step-by-step photos of your process, i never would have gotten it right!

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