strawberry onigiri bento

1 05 2011

tomorrow’s lunch was fairly quick and easy to pack using leftovers from tonight’s dinner: two round onigiri made from rice mixed with sauteed broccolini stems and garlic (which is how i served it the first time, not mixed especially for the onigiri), plus a few small pieces of pan-seared salmon filet.  i topped the onigiri with “strawberries” made from fish sausage, sesame seeds, and snow pea tops, using another great idea from akinoichigo’s blog.

the rest of the bento has one of the brightest red strawberries i’ve ever come across in my market, a little bit of tomato, some snow peas, broccolini tops, a takuwan rosette, and a few slices each of mini-cucumber and tangerine to fill empty spaces.  i’m looking forward to this relatively light and healthy lunch.

i hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  i have another busy work week ahead, but can’t wait to catch up on my favorite blogs and twitter feeds when i get some down time…



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1 05 2011

How sweet! I like the strawberries; both real and faux. Can’t beat salmon & rice either. And all packed in the bean magewappa? Just perfect 🙂

2 05 2011

Adorable and cheerful! Love the fresh sliced tomato peeking out–so cute! I’ve been thinking about making a strawberry themed bento all weekend (whole foods had a nice sale on organic ones), delightful inspiration here megan!

2 05 2011
Ohayo Bento

This looks amazingly delicious! I’ve been craving onigiri lately and these look fabulous! What is the paper that you use? Just newspaper?

2 05 2011
Cooking Gallery

Another very prettily arranged bento. Love it…:)!!

2 05 2011

a neat and pretty bento .. 🙂

4 05 2011

Always love to see your pretty onigiris Megan :D. I’ve planned to make strawberry onigiris too (inspired by akinoichigo just like you ^^), and you came across with the idea faster LOL :D. Btw, I envy your wooden bento box; it looks so cool! Hey, don’t you wanna peep my JL Bento? 😀

5 05 2011

beautiful colours! It’s the perfection I want to meet.

6 05 2011

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9 05 2011

Beautiful colours, beautiful bento, so cute ^o^

7 08 2011

I can’t believe that strawberry is actually fish sausage! Wow! So cute though!!! 🙂

8 08 2011

That’s so sweet!
I really like it =D

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