ruby stretching bento

15 05 2011

hey everybody, how are things in bento land?  the past couple weeks have been crazy for me — i got a sort of promotion (i think?) and have been traveling a lot more for work, which is wreaking havoc with my meal planning schedule.  then this past week i started feeling myself getting sick.  i tried to head that off at the pass, but i currently have a terrible case of laryngitis… i am mostly resting today, trying to get my voice back in time for an important meeting tomorrow.

i hope you all have been well, and i can’t wait to catch up on bento posts and tweets!

tomorrow is a day where i know i will actually be at my desk for lunch, so i layered some of my favorite spicy tofu from the korean market under brown-and-white rice sprinkled with furikake.  the back section has a tomato, steamed broccolini, some tangerine slices, two steamed brussels sprout halves, and a piece of simmered lotus root (also pre-prepared from the korean market).  for a sweet treat i have a cup of vanilla yogurt with kiwi.

on top of the rice is an egg sheet version of our dog, ruby.  whenever i put her harness on her to take her out for a walk, she does this leisurely stretch, with all four legs splayed out — so cute.  akinoichigo’s new book (which is now available on yesasia for free shipping to the US) has a similar pattern for a cat, and as soon as i saw it i knew i wanted to use it for silly ruby.

not sure when i’ll be bentoing again, so in case i’m not back here for a while, hope you all have a great week!



17 responses

15 05 2011

Congrats on the promotion (I think). Hope you get to travel to some fun places. Such an adorable little Ruby, you know how much I love that long bento box. Looks beautiful and delicious.

15 05 2011

Hope you feel better now.
Congrats on your promotion.. i know how hard to prepare and eat our homemade bento when u have a hectic schedule and frequent travelling.
Hope you still can find some healthy food during breaks..
take care..

15 05 2011

Busy is good! Congrats on all the new changes! It’s always a treat to see your cute charaben, and stretching Ruby is a doll! Love the cute shamrocks too 😀 Have a great week megan!

16 05 2011

Congrats on your promotion at work! Perhaps all the stress of traveling has you sick.. This looks yummy and I love your cute cute Ruby! Take care of that throat of yours.. Have a great start to your week!

16 05 2011
Ohayo Bento

Congrats on the promotion!! I hope it’s fun 🙂 I love the little green clovers and the Ruby. I hope you feel better!

18 05 2011

Love the stretching Ruby, so cute!
Congrats on your promotion! New working schedule always mess up with our routine yeah. I had been in this kind of hassle since early of this year! How I wish I can blog as frequent as I used to be!

18 05 2011

Yipee, a new gamene bento! Congrats on your promotion-to-be and on an adorable bento inspired by your cute pup! Sweet, stylish and so appealing, it cheered up my day :)!!

24 05 2011
Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide

A bento dog! I love it!

1 06 2011

Oh, I hope you feel better soon! And congrats on that promotion! (That is if it turns out to be one…)

16 06 2011
hedonist eats

darling! How can you eat them? They’re too cute!

5 08 2011

my gosh. your bentos look so kawaii! how do you do them? i dont have the time to cut veggies or style anything for pack lunch. they all look delish. 😛

5 08 2011

I found your blog through another’s and wow.. those are beautiful and creative pieces of work. 🙂 I linked you to my blog (hope you don’t mind) as I love to feature new and interesting food and ways to make everyday food interesting. Thanks 🙂

7 08 2011

Tooo cute for words!! What is that green thing in the back? Thanks for sharing such amazing cuteness! 🙂

7 08 2011
Four Seasons One Wardrobe

Amazing bentos and pics! Love it!

8 08 2011
Neng Rina

wow, cute bento. look very delicious.
thanks for share 🙂

22 08 2011

wow cute dog^^
that looks soooooo tasty *yammy* now i am hungry 😦

6 01 2012

Hello !! I just discovered your bento blog while browsing for “Sushi Bento” pictures on google ^^. Your blog is sooo great, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it earlier !! Your bentos are really really cute and well pictured ! I wish mine could look as pretty ! I haven’t had the time to see all your pages yet, but I’ve seen 7 of them and they made me going like “awwww” and “ohhh !!!” and “hiiih” all the time ^^. Thank you for this !!! Happy new year !!

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