carribean tofu bento

12 03 2012

today’s lunch (made yesterday) came together quickly — no recipes involved, just soy boy’s carribean tofu, which is spiced so beautifully as to make a tasty meal with the addition of just nutty brown rice and a few garnishes. this lunch is totally in keeping with the tone it up nutrition plan‘s simple “lean, clean and green” philosophy!

nutritional info below.

  • brown rice (basmati and short-grain blend with a little bit of margarine in the rice cooker), 176 calories (1.6 g. fat [0.2 g saturated, 0.3 g. poly, 0.3g mono, 0.2g trans], 12.2 mg. sodium, 36.7 g carbs [1.1 g. fiber], 2.8 g. protein)
  • 3 0z. carribean tofu, 150 calories (7.5 g. fat [1.5 g. saturated], 360 mg. sodium, 5.2 g. carbs [2.2 g. sugar], 15 g. protein, 18% calcium, 9% iron)
  • 2 shisito peppers, 8 calories (0.2 g. fat, 2 g. carbs [8 g. fiber, 1 g. sugar], 0.4 g. protein, 20% vitamin C)
  • glazed lotus root (i purchased mine from the pre-made namul section at my korean grocer, but guesstimated nutritional information from shinshine’s easy recipe), 31 calories (0.4 g. fat [0.1 g. saturated, 01. g. poly, 0.1 g. mono], 279.2 mg. sodium, 145.5 mg. potassium, 6.7 g. carbs [1.2 g. fiber, 2.2 g. sugar], 0.9 g. protein, 18% vitamin C)
  • pickled radish, 5 calories (180 mg. sodium, 1 g. carbs [0.2 g. fiber])
  • 1/2 sliced mini-cucumber (buried underneath the rice to cut down the rice portion), 6 calories (1.5 carbs [1 g. fiber, 0.5 g. sugar], 0.5 g. protein, 4% vitamin C)

TOTAL: 376 calories — staying the course!



6 responses

12 03 2012

What beautiful shishitos! Looks delightfully scrumptious megan!

13 03 2012

thanks sheri! it was tasty and filling. that’s the ticket these days!

13 03 2012

(Love Sheri’s comment–spot on!) Enjoying the elegant forms and warmly Carribean flavors of this stylish bento!

13 03 2012

thanks jenn! i thought the stems of the peppers looked pretty cool… glad you like🙂

14 03 2012

Incredibly beautiful! I want to try the caribbean tofu, yum!

10 05 2012
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