salmon yuzu rice bento

10 06 2012

a bento inspired by two dear friends i wish i saw more of — mira, with whom i had dinner at our fave edo sushi on friday night (providing salmon leftovers for the main dish here), and rupal, currently in shanghai but who left me this pretty bottled lemon drink which i knew i would use as a bento prop.

this salmon yuzu rice is a lovely and light use-up for a half-portion of miso grilled salmon from edo sushi. i simply microwaved a bowl of pre-portioned rice (i happened to purchase 햇반 brand on my last run; their bowls are 210 grams each and are perfectly sticky after 90 seconds in the microwave) and flaked the leftover salmon (about 5.1 oz.) into it, mixing gently. i added half a packet of dried yuzu (a mitsuwa find) and topped with about 1/2 tsp. sesame seeds and 1 tsp. chopped scallion. the result is a protein-packed mix that serves two. plus, omega fatty acid-rich salmon is a tone it up nutrition plan fave!

i packed half of the rice mixture into the back section of the box, topped with a few leaves of lettuce as a baran, and then filled the front section with about 100 g. of steamed broccoli stem and 1/2 cup of roasted cubed eggplant (roasted with no oil, just sea salt, cracked pepper, and a bit of dried herbs). a few sliced carrot flowers (with pea centers) and a yellow mini vine tomato for garnish, and this one’s good to go. i like the happy, summer-y colors and think it will be refreshing to crack into in the middle of the day.

hope everyone’s having a wonderful weekend…

nutritional stats:

  • salmon yuzu rice – 322 calories (8.9 g. fat [2.5 g. sat., 3 g. poly, 3 g. mono], 44 mg. cholesterol, 353 mg. sodium, 270 mg. potassium, 37.9 g. carbs [2.7 g. fiber, 4.6 g. sugar], 18.1 g. protein, 3.8% vitamin A, 16.9% vitamin C, 1.7% calcium, 3% iron)
  • 2 leaves curly lettuce – 1 calorie (0.2 g. carbs)
  • approx. 100 g. steamed broccoli stems – 31 calories (0.4 g. fat [0.1 g. sat., 0.2 g. poly], 12 mg. sodium, 340 mg. potassium, 5.6 g. carbs [1.7 g. fiber, 2.2 g. sugar], 3.3 g. protein, 12% vitamin A, 150% vitamin C, 4% calcium, 4% iron
  • approx. 1/2 cup roasted eggplant, cubed – 16 calories (4 g. carbs [2.4 g. fiber, 1.6 g. sugar], 0.8 g. protein, 2.4% vitamin C)
  • 2 steamed slices of carrot 7 calories (11.2 mg. sodium, 1.3 g. carbs [0.4 g. fiber, 0.7 g. sugar], 11.2% vitamin A)
  • 1 mini vine tomato – 3 calories (0.8 mg. sodium, 0.7 g. carbs [0.2 g. fiber, 0.5 g. sugar], 2.5% vitaimin A, 3.3% vitamin C)

TOTAL: 380 calories



6 responses

13 06 2012
Salmon Bento

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24 03 2014

So simple and gorgeous. I love how smart and professional all your photos are. You big time inspire me.

18 06 2012

There are those bentozen-carrot-flowers! Love this arrangement, and yuzu with salmon sounds delish. We’ve been eating salmon at least once a week, and I’m always looking for different flavor combos. Wonderful!

22 06 2012

Summery, happy colors indeed! Its cloudy here in Santa Rosa (a rare event) and this radiant post really brightened my day, megan…

9 07 2012
Carolyn Jung

I sure wish someone would pack me such a splendid lunch. It’s gorgeous and so healthful.

10 07 2012

thanks foodgal! always feel so honored when you stop by my blog… yours is such a treat!

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