lentil rice bento

26 02 2012

i spent today batch cooking for the week from some tasty recipes i bookmarked in magazines i read in various airports during the past week’s work-related travels. tomorrow’s lunch, though, is just the basics: leftover lentil rice pilaf from last night’s dinner, plus two chicken-free nuggets (i prefer health is wealth’s version, as they are lower in fat than the comparable boca product) and some fresh veggies.

turns out that a realistic portion of both of these protein-rich foods is waaaay smaller than i thought! but that’s ok, i’m learning to listen to my body telling me it’s full when i eat denser foods, and the balance of healthy foods here is tone it up nutrition plan-friendly. calorie count below.

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panda nugget bento

18 02 2010

tomorrow’s lunch is panda crazy!!  i accented my veggies with panda baran from the same set that includes the froggie i used the other day, and made a cheese-and-nori topper for my vegetarian chicken nugget to match.  for panda dessert, i included one of the chocolates from this yummy package.

the veggies here are broccoli, takuwan flowers (the largest one with a pre-cut nori flower), carrots, one grape tomato, and steamed purple potato slices.  the steamed white rice is actually only a thin layer, on top of some stewed spicy tofu from the fridge.  i’m throwing a clementine in my lunch bag for a bit of extra vitamin C!

here’s a closer shot of my pandas:

have a great weekend!

nugget bears bento

15 11 2009

bento 41

just a quick and simple little kyaraben tonight, it’s been a long weekend and it’s going to be an even longer week getting a brief out the door by friday…

veggie section:  kiwi slices (with a pinwheel food pick), snow peas, strawberry slices, tamagoyaki slice, red grape tomato, reddish-purple grape, broccoli, purple cauliflower, yellow wax beans, and baby carrots.

main section: more leftover indian food (spinach and mushroom with basmati rice layered over it), with two soy chicken nugget “bears” (nori and cheese eyes/nose, umeboshi ears).