chard wraps bento

25 03 2012

tomorrow’s lunch has some super-healthy chard wraps (nutrient-rich steamed chard leaves, filled with zuchinni-eggplant-brown rice gratin) and mini lentil-cashew patties. indulging my last winter ingredient cravings before embracing the change of seasons in my kitchen… recipes and nutritional information below.

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messy thai bento

25 09 2009

bento 08in a rush this morning, so a little sloppy!  main box:  leftover pad thai with pepper star (nori face) and chili accent, leftover fish cakes, and veggie gratin from recipe at maki’s blog.  clickety click sidecar:  leftover thai fried tofu, on skewers with asparagus, packed with a lime wedge, plum slices, checkered apple, and “coro dog” container of sweet chili dipping sauce.