go kart bento

15 02 2010

my valentine’s day present to the boyfriend was a trip to grand prix new york, a karting complex for kids and adults in mt. kisco, new york (about an hour away from NYC).  he is a huge formula 1 fan, and karting was a fun treat and a great way to get excited for the upcoming start of the F1 season.

we don’t own a car, so when we take trips like this to the hudson valley we rent a zip car, and since renting a car is pricey, we try to get more bang for our buck by hitting some of the fantastic outer-borough restaurants and supermarkets that we normally would be too lazy to take a long subway ride to.  tonight we visited an H-mart in flushing, queens that was significantly larger than the one in NYC’s K-town, and picked up a few goodies you’ll see in my bentos over the next few days.

this one has some yummy jap chae, topped with a nori-and-cheese go kart — it’s a little, um, abstract!  karts are hard to depict!  i kept the rest of the bento simple, filling in with some pea pods and broccoli, purple carrots (this variety has yellow centers, creating a cool effect when i cut them into sticks like this), tomatoes, kumquats, and blueberries.  at H-mart i also found some cool gummy letters, and used those to spell out the words “CARS” (i wanted to spell out “SPEED,” but didn’t get a “P” in my package!).

a couple pics of the boyfriend karting:

serious fun!  (and isn’t he handsome?!)

hope you all had an amazing long and holiday-filled weekend!  can’t wait to catch up on everything i missed on flickr, twitter, and the blogs…

tequeños bento

4 01 2010

tequeños (deep fried cheese sticks) from the outrageously delicious caracas arepa bar in the east village… definitely not the healthiest option, but i am trying to balance it out with a larger tier bursting with fruit and veggie goodness. are you buying into this dietary technique, haha?

in the tier with the tequeños i have a container full of caracas’ special secret recipe hot sauce (i’ve been trying to figure it out for years – it’s definitely vinegar based, and it has mango and peppers and spices, it’s tangy and not too hot but VERY flavorful).

the fruit and veg tier has toaster-roasted beets and asparagus (just a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper – i’m totally on board with hapa bento’s roasting kick), plus some sliced raw mushrooms, cucumber, grape tomatoes, nashi, snow peas and starfruit.

orange pencil chopsticks and orange-flavored gummies for dessert!

fish taco bento

16 12 2009

fish tacos for dinner tonight – YAYYYYYYYYYYY!  (hard to get good ones on the east coast, even in manhattan, so always a treat!)

on top of the taco: three red carrot flowers.  also in the box:  black beans in a food cup topped by a two-cheese-and nori layered star (the cheeses are pepper jack and cheddar), bordered by some snow peas, and yellow rice (aka “mexican rice”) topped with three grape tomatoes.  for dessert, just two apple-flavored gummies.

simple on the food, heavy on the props… trying new things!