confetti rice bento

8 09 2010

tired work nights call for quick, easy meals; it’s no surprise that fried rice is one of my favorites. this batch has everything but the kitchen sink (leftovers from the last few weeks of summer produce): red and yellow peppers, serrano chiles, mushrooms, kosher hot dogs, spanish onion, kimchi, and zucchini, plus freshly-ground black pepper, soy sauce, gochujang, and a bit of sesame oil for flavor. the boyfriend hates peas and carrots, so i added a few of those, plus some takuwan strips, on top (rather than mixing in, which would mean he couldn’t pick them out) — i think the scattered effect looks a bit like festive confetti.

the rest of the box has steamed broccolini, cucumber sticks sprinkled with black sesame seeds, a fried quail egg, and a grape tomato. for dessert, i have a sidecar with green and champagne grapes, plus beautiful early-fall raspberries from my CSA share, garnished with a bit of mint.  that’s it; no fancy decorations this time (save for one pick), just a quick transformation of leftovers into a reasonably appealing lunch for tomorrow.

i need to take ruby on one more walk tonight, and then i’ll probably fall asleep watching the giants game.  g’night bento pals!

sweethearts bento

5 04 2010

tomorrow’s lunch is really quite simple, but still sweet:  two lettuce-wrapped, molded onigiri (using leftover brown-and-white rice, in this mold) with purple hearts on top.  the hearts are made from a small amount of the same rice, mixed with my purple shiso powder.  using this concentration of shiso powder makes the rice very tangy and salty, but i won’t eat the hearts in one bite each — i’ll nibble a little bit with each bite of the plain rice.

the rest of the box has a piece of kosher hot dog, some purple potato slices, some clementine wedges, a beautifully ripe strawberry, a fancy-cut quail egg, two takuwan slices, a steamed broccoli floret, and a few pea pods to fill in empty spaces.  the other tier to this box (not pictured) has the rest of the hot dog, more takuwan and broccoli, a piece of cheese, and a piece of kiwi to round out the meal.

this had to be quick and easy, as i’m pretty busy this week looking for a new apartment.  this process, which i always avoid until the last possible second, is extremely stressful but also exciting.  wish me luck!

panda pizza bento

2 11 2009

bento 29

happy november!  (no more halloween bentos, but still plenty of cuteness, hopefully.)

3 mini pizzas (from the freezer section in trader joe’s), with a cheese and nori “panda” face on the top pie (umeboshi cheeks), and a hot dog “flower”  (green pea center).

red plum fan, snow peas, blackberries in a silicone food cup with a yellow beet butterfly, blueberries and cookies in a flower-shaped silicone food cup, and a chocolate leaf (wrapped in copper-colored foil).

[as seen on chow, the chowhound blog]

spider web bento

23 10 2009

bento 24the first in a series of halloween-themed bentos.

top half: egg-and-cheese wrapped asparagus tips, yellow wax beans, mini pepper, mini heirloom tomato, purple cauliflower, grape tomato, pickled radish quarters, and hot dog flowers with pea centers.  bottom tier: layer of spicy tofu covered by a thin layer of rice, with nori spider web.  plastic spiders, have to remember not to eat them!