“strawb-inari” bento

15 09 2010

we’re still getting temperatures in the 70s this week, but i have a feeling it’s the last dose of summery weather.  so let’s have one “last hurrah” summer bento, no?

three inari pockets filled with furikake rice and topped with beni shoga and edamame, steamed broccolini, fried chicken with a lemon slice, a baby tomato with a lovely “jewel” pick (from a sweet friend — thank you!), and a few lemon-peel swirls make a simple chilled lunch for tomorrow.  i added a few sweet, summery strawberry accents:  printed wax paper, a little berry-shaped baran, and a vintage embroidered napkin.

starting at a new job has meant a bunch of lunch dates with new colleagues over the past week, but i’m hoping to be more regular with my posting soon.

flowered inarizushi redux bento

7 04 2010

tomorrow’s lunch is another quick one — when will i find an apartment and stop this running around?!

this tiffin contains three inarizushi pockets filled with rice i mixed with rice wine vinegar, ume furikake, and peas, and topped with purple potato flowers and leaves (sesame seed accents).  as sides, i have some steamed broccoli, three takuwan slices, a plump strawberry, a star-cut radish, and some quick-pickled carrot shavings.  all of that sits on a bed of lettuce, underneath of which is some sliced nashi.

inarizushi garden bento

27 01 2010

lia over at my bentolicious has a sushi theme going this week, and she inspired me to whip up some inarizushi.  the brand of skins i buy is actually korean (manufactured by daerim corporation); you can see it in the top row of products on this page.  i like this particular product because a) it comes with tiny packages of furikake and vinegar for mixing into the rice, and b) the actual aburaage are triangular shaped corners, which makes for a cute stuffed final product.

in march 2009, maki posted great step-by-step instructions for making this dish over at just hungry; i followed her exact instructions for cooking the aburaage, but the possibilities for flavoring the rice itself are endless!

my inarizushi pockets are topped with cheese-and-nori flowers (sesame seed centers) with pea pod leaves, and the fruit and veggie tier has broccoli, baby carrot sticks, tamagoyaki slices, grape tomatoes, blueberries on a skewer (i like how the wooden ball looks like a blueberry, too!), and edamame shumai.  i topped the shumai and broccoli with a few extra sakura petals to tie the two tiers together.

can’t wait to tuck into this one!

oh, and if you like the little felt flower shape my chopsticks are resting on, stay tuned… i’m planning a giveaway, and will be posting details some time next week.