h-mart goodies bento

16 02 2010

as i mentioned yesterday, the boyfriend and i stocked up at a huge h-mart in flushing.  this box includes my h-mart goodies:  jap chae in the top right section (topped with a yellow carrot and pea pod flower), fish jun in the bottom right section (topped by two purple potato butterflies), and spicy stewed tofu in the bottom left section (topped with a fried quail egg and scallions).  in the top left section i have dessert:  slices from a baby pear from h-mart’s fab produce section, some blueberries and a kumquat, and some two-toned, sweet korean dessert balls.  these balls are a rice-flour and sesame paste concoction labeled “muffin honey rice cake” (this is a form of dduk, which is used in both savory and sweet applications).

you may also notice that i have finally found the cool, slightly-convex four-sectioned box that some of my favorite bentoists are using these days.  i got mine at banzai living‘s flushing location.  woo hoo!

go kart bento

15 02 2010

my valentine’s day present to the boyfriend was a trip to grand prix new york, a karting complex for kids and adults in mt. kisco, new york (about an hour away from NYC).  he is a huge formula 1 fan, and karting was a fun treat and a great way to get excited for the upcoming start of the F1 season.

we don’t own a car, so when we take trips like this to the hudson valley we rent a zip car, and since renting a car is pricey, we try to get more bang for our buck by hitting some of the fantastic outer-borough restaurants and supermarkets that we normally would be too lazy to take a long subway ride to.  tonight we visited an H-mart in flushing, queens that was significantly larger than the one in NYC’s K-town, and picked up a few goodies you’ll see in my bentos over the next few days.

this one has some yummy jap chae, topped with a nori-and-cheese go kart — it’s a little, um, abstract!  karts are hard to depict!  i kept the rest of the bento simple, filling in with some pea pods and broccoli, purple carrots (this variety has yellow centers, creating a cool effect when i cut them into sticks like this), tomatoes, kumquats, and blueberries.  at H-mart i also found some cool gummy letters, and used those to spell out the words “CARS” (i wanted to spell out “SPEED,” but didn’t get a “P” in my package!).

a couple pics of the boyfriend karting:

serious fun!  (and isn’t he handsome?!)

hope you all had an amazing long and holiday-filled weekend!  can’t wait to catch up on everything i missed on flickr, twitter, and the blogs…