panda nugget bento

18 02 2010

tomorrow’s lunch is panda crazy!!  i accented my veggies with panda baran from the same set that includes the froggie i used the other day, and made a cheese-and-nori topper for my vegetarian chicken nugget to match.  for panda dessert, i included one of the chocolates from this yummy package.

the veggies here are broccoli, takuwan flowers (the largest one with a pre-cut nori flower), carrots, one grape tomato, and steamed purple potato slices.  the steamed white rice is actually only a thin layer, on top of some stewed spicy tofu from the fridge.  i’m throwing a clementine in my lunch bag for a bit of extra vitamin C!

here’s a closer shot of my pandas:

have a great weekend!

kabaya petit pastel

31 01 2010

my favorite new sweet treat!

— ♥ —

valentine’s day is almost here… looking for something cute to include in your sweetie’s bento?  i just had to share this adorable candy i found this week at my korean grocer.  it’s called “petit pastel,” and as you can see, it’s shaped like tiny ice cream cones!  the cones are chocolate, and the colored “scoops” are white-chocolate-covered malt balls.

you can view some cute engrish about the product at the manufacturer’s website, and you can buy it online at ebay (here or here), or at this japanese candy site.  (check your local asian market though — they were $1 cheaper at mine!)

— ♥ —

and if you like what you see, stay tuned… tomorrow i’ll be posting details of this week’s giveaway, and the prize package includes an unopened box of petit pastel!

sunshine tofu bento

25 01 2010

i was so inspired by sherimiya‘s and hapa bento‘s recent sunshine bentos that i decided to make my own contribution to the theme!

my sunshine is a fried quail egg (plus about a tablespoon of extra egg white); i trimmed the “rays” with an x-acto knife and added the face details with punched nori.

this happy sun sits atop some korean stewed spicy tofu, and the rest of the box contains leftover spring rolls (from last night’s spice thai delivery), pea pods, baby carrot sticks, yellow pepper sticks, and grape tomatoes.  my sidecar has strawberry halves, some blackberries, takuwan flowers, and pomegranate seeds in a blossom-shaped food cup.

here’s a close-up of the sun:

this egg detail is actually pretty easy to accomplish, provided you don’t screw up cracking the egg and break the yolk before it hits the pan (which has happened to me on multiple occasions, since the membrane of a quail egg is so thick)!  fried egg details are super yummy, and can take many forms — i really liked susan‘s shaped egg today as well!  just make sure you cook the yolk thoroughly so that nothing scary (bacteria-wise) happens to your bento between the time you pack it and the time you eat it.

– ♥ –

my friend irina recently went to japan, and she brought me back the cutest candy bento!  it has 6 individually-wrapped candies (for use in 6 future individual bentos, mwa ha ha), including a sakura, a bunny, and a tiger.

i’ve never seen anything like it and i almost crapped myself when she gave it to me.  thanks irina!!