new magazine feature

26 03 2013

just a quick update to note that my bento have been featured in the march 2013 issue of Manichi oBento Hiyori, a quarterly publication in japan known as a “mook” (magazine-book).  it’s a lovely issue on spring bento, with lots of recipes for individual dish components for packing bento, as well as some instructionals on packing (i don’t read japanese and was still able to glean a great deal of valuable information just from the detailed photographs).

the piece in which my bento are displayed appears to be about bento-makers in other countries besides japan; shirley wong of little miss onigiri (singapore) is featured, and so is cocyte from mon bento vegetarien (france).

the magazine is available for purchase from bento & co., and if you are in the states, you can probably find it at kinokuniya or one of the book-shops at mitsuwa.

as always, i’m delighted to have my work recognized!

Mainichi oBento Hiyori - spread