granny choe’s bento

10 11 2009

bento 37
tried a new brand of kimchi tonight – granny choe’s – SO YUMMY!  tangy, stinky, delicious, just like the website said it would be.

used their recipe to make kimchi pajun (pancakes) to welcome my boyfriend home from a business trip to london with some comfort food.  you can see two of them in the bottom right corner of the veggie portion, and there are several more propping the veggies up.

also in the veggie section: 호박 jun (another simple and traditional korean dish; egg-battered zucchini), red farmer’s market carrot skewer, last of my snow peas, yellow wax beans, a twist-cut cucumber, purple cauliflower, a strawberry and a blackberry.

rice section has spicy tofu underneath a layer of simple steamed 밮 (bap – rice), with granny choe’s logo cut from 김 (kim – seaweed)!

[as seen on granny choe’s blog]

spooky cat onigiri bento

30 10 2009

bento 28last halloween bento, as we are away this weekend for a friend’s wedding…

another salmon-and-wasabi mayo onigiri, this time in the shape of a spooky cat, with purple-food coloring-dyed egg sheet, cheese head, takuwan-sesame eyes, and nori nose/mouth.

from top left: carved jack-o-lantern mini pepper, simmered kabocha squash with edamame on a pumpkin food pick, two fish pajun (korean pancakes), carrot-sesame flowers, “BOO” quail eggs (nori letters), snow peas, and purple broccoli in a silicone food cup.

[as seen on just bento]

hangul day bento

9 10 2009

bento 15

today is hangul day, so i celebrated by making korean food for dinner.

here is some leftover omurice (basically an omelette wrapped around veggie fried rice – i used this recipe but substituted veggie ham for real ham) and kimchi jun (i used this recipe), with a bottle of soy-vinegar for the jun, and some tomatoes with leaf picks and carrot-yellow tomato flowers on sesame-sauteed broccoli.

oh, and the letters which spell out hangul day are cut from nori with an xacto knife.

happy acorn bento

30 09 2009

bento 10celebrating the start of fall!  top tier:  steamed rice with sweet potato acorn (nori face, eggplant “cap”), nori oak leaf, and takuwan border.  bottom tier:  tofu and vegetable pajun (korean savory fried pancakes), eggplant and radish slices, pickled radish in a silicone food cup.