ZICO & perfect fit “coco-butter monkey cups”

31 08 2012

this week i’m participating in tone it up’s “beach week” — a week of scheduled workouts and slim-down meals designed to make the most of the last few days of summer.  karena and katrina have teamed up with ZICO to host an exciting contest; the best recipe incorporating chocolate ZICO and perfect fit protein powder wins a 3-month supply of both of those products!

i legitemately use perfect fit almost every day, and ZICO is one of my favorite special treats… so, needless to say, i got really excited about this contest.  the result of my frantic brainstorming was these “coco-butter monkey cups” — they are dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan.  recipe and details below!

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matyroshka bento

15 09 2009

bento 04matryoshka themed bento:  main box has peanut butter-banana sandwiches on whole wheat bread (faces and accessories  are made from nori, cheese, and gochujang) with lettuce lining and raspberries.  sidecars have curried cauliflower with carrot blossoms, and pickled korean radish with nori blossom.

[as seen on fuck yeah matryoshka]