blue elephant bento

17 02 2010

a while ago, i ordered this cute blue elephant cutting board from fred flare, and then i promptly forgot about it.  well, tonight i went out for dinner (with the fab crew of sean, tabor, jesus and jason — hi guys!), which meant resorting to my last-minute, no-leftovers bento gameplan of grilled cheese.  plain old grilled cheese on wheat bread can be pretty boring to look at, so i decided to jazz it up with a blue elephant theme to match the cutting board.

the blue elephant on my sandwich is made from egg sheet (egg white, cornstarch, and 2 drops of blue food coloring), and i modeled him after the blue elephant baran you see in between the two sandwiches.  the grilled cheese has pepper jack and provolone in it, and i cut two mini-sandwiches out of one bigger sandwich, using the crinkle-cutter tool from this set.  the baran is from napa japan, although i don’t see it on their website right now (the cute froggie baran i used yesterday is still available on their site, though.)

to fill up the rest of the box, i added a bit of steamed broccoli, some yellow carrots cut in lia‘s famous style, some steamed sweet potato stars and grape tomatoes, a few baby pear slices, some pea pods, and a few blueberries.  i actually added more blueberries after i took the photo, but i didn’t want to block my elephant sandwich!

fish taco bento

16 12 2009

fish tacos for dinner tonight – YAYYYYYYYYYYY!  (hard to get good ones on the east coast, even in manhattan, so always a treat!)

on top of the taco: three red carrot flowers.  also in the box:  black beans in a food cup topped by a two-cheese-and nori layered star (the cheeses are pepper jack and cheddar), bordered by some snow peas, and yellow rice (aka “mexican rice”) topped with three grape tomatoes.  for dessert, just two apple-flavored gummies.

simple on the food, heavy on the props… trying new things!