holiday chef bento

17 12 2009

had soup for dinner tonight, and since i don’t have a mr. (or ms.) bento that seals tightly enough to bring that to work, i used some of my trusty, reliable trader joe’s mini-pizzas for tomorrow’s lunch.

lots of props again tonight.  and i FINALLY remembered to bring home the massive econo-pack of batteries i got on sale at CVS, so i was able to replace the almost-dead batteries in my flash (i use an SB-600)… i think the difference is noticeable, much less need for light editing in picnik.

anywho, back to the food.  three little pizzas, and the top one has some pepper jack (painted with green food coloring) and pom seeds for a “holly” garnish.  my holiday chef is tossing the pizzas (get it?!), and he’s made out of mozzarella and cheddar with nori facial features.  grape tomatoes and baby carrots with my mesclun greens and one romaine leaf (will bring a small container of dressing with me to eat all the veg together as a salad), with pom seeds and kumquat slices in a food cup and two godiva truffles (present from the boyfriend) for dessert.  doily, chenille ribbon, and cool pencil chopsticks from moma for props.

chanukah is almost over, but there’s still that exciting pre-christmas mood at my office!

panda pizza bento

2 11 2009

bento 29

happy november!  (no more halloween bentos, but still plenty of cuteness, hopefully.)

3 mini pizzas (from the freezer section in trader joe’s), with a cheese and nori “panda” face on the top pie (umeboshi cheeks), and a hot dog “flower”  (green pea center).

red plum fan, snow peas, blackberries in a silicone food cup with a yellow beet butterfly, blueberries and cookies in a flower-shaped silicone food cup, and a chocolate leaf (wrapped in copper-colored foil).

[as seen on chow, the chowhound blog]